Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am speechless (follow the link)

I just don't know what to say right now.


Woozie said...

Is this a good speechless or a bad speechless?

Just Dave said...

I have thought for years that people were selling Ms. Rice short. She is far too intelligent to be a party hack and seems to always speak her mind, whether it is the party line or not. I wish her good luck in her next position.

Ellie said...

I am surprised speechless Woozie.
I think that Rice is much to much of a lady to admit she was maybe apart of the wrong administration. Not because of it being Republican, but b/c of Bush. I don't know if she would ever admit to that.
My mother in law is a huge fan of Rice and says she would like for her to be president.

Who knows if the that would be a perfect fit. Rice and Obama...I always said that I thought Obama was amazing, but lacks the experience and wisdom to create the change he talks about. Maybe with Rice in his corner it would be possible.

Now for the first time I would say race might be an issue on that though. It's unfortunate that they might lose b/c of ignorance. But if Obama doesn't pick a white vp...I don't it reasonable to wonder about such things without someone calling me a racist for saying it. (that is what happened on my other blog)

Woozie said...

Well that's just wondering how people would react to something, I don't see how it's racist. Racism would be "I won't vote for Obama if there's two blacks on the ticket".