Friday, August 08, 2008

Prince Georges Raid...Seriously Wrong

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Okay being from this area this is HUGE.
Here's the background of the story....
Police set up a sting ...
packages of pot being delivered to addresses. They know that some of the addresses are wrong. They get a warrant for the Mayor's house b/c one of the packages were delivered there. Package is delivered, Mayor's mother in law says leave package at door. Mayor comes home picks package up and sets on dining room table..UNOPENED. Police give the clear to raid. Mother in law screams b/c she sees men w/ guns running towards the house. Police knock down the door without announcing they are police, dog barks...police shoot the dog down dead. Mother in law is slammed to the floor next to dead dog. Other dog runs away scared, police shoot scared dog in the back killing it. Mayor is slammed to the floor in underwear. Police continue to raid the house tracking blood from dogs through out the house (at this time it's a miracle mother in law hasn't fainted). Police confiscate 1 unopened package of pot still sitting on dining room table.

This all might be a mistake. And it's not the first time.

Read the article. It will make you sick.

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Woozie said...

Rarely does the news shock me so. It just seemed so senseless, why would they knowingly have 30 pounds of weed mailed to their house? And why shoot the dogs?