Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This dude is a male gigolo?

Aside from this 44 year old dude looking like my ex, very well-aged, he by no means looks like a sexy I gotta have him type of guy.

But this guy, Helg Sgarbi, apparently swindeled all these rich women out of millions of dollars.

He would wine and dine them, seduce them, pork em' till they could'nt take it anymore, and then would blackmail them, threatening to tell their hubby's or the rich elite about their affairs.

His biggest profiled victim was Susanne Klatten, Heiress of BMW and married mother of 3.
Now if you ask me, this lady can do better than that guy. I did choose a better looking photo of her b/c quite honestly, she does look a little butch in all the others, but it seems here, smiling, she is a pretty lady. And she fell for a guy with no lips.

This guy is also apparently nicknamed "James Bond".

Unfortunately Mrs. Klatten has no one to share the spotlight with. Prosecutors offered Helg a deal, spare the other victims embarassment and plead guilty, and you get minimal time.

Now I say,
Where is the fun in that. This guy is so money hungry, you know there is a book deal in the works!

Lets make this a little more interesting!
Now if Helg had a body like this, with a face like that...maybe we could talk!

Create your own FACEinHOLE
But with a face like that, she would have to look like this:

Create your own FACEinHOLE


e.Craig Crawford said...

Sadly .. I now realize that I chose the wrong profession. :-(

Anonymous said...

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