Monday, December 17, 2007

All my posts in One

Conversations with hubby part 7

While driving past the Angus farm by our home hubby says:
"It must be cold to be a cow"
"I'm sure...(then I point to one in the field) Look at that one, he is pissing a waterfall" "I bet some of the pee splashes up in his mouth"
"pee where you where you pee"
"And if you are what you eat?"
"well if your that cow, you must be pee...and poop"
"So in a sense... We eat cows, cows eat pee pee and poo poo grass, therefore we are pee pee and poo poo grass"
"Imagine what we are when we eat pigs"
"Pigs eat just about everything"
"even meat? Pigs are carnivores?"
"yup..." then he makes a piggy sound
Conversation with my son this morning. Kids sure say the darndest things.
After my son was done going potty this morning, he starts running down the hall..."hey stop stop stop it... MOMMMY!!! Daisy is trying to lick my penis!"
(daisy is our mini pin dog)
He bops daisy on the nose and says "Hey You...don't lick my penis Daisy!"
I had to explain that the dog was just trying to say hello...and was not trying to lick his penis.
It took me everything in my power not to laugh because he was oh so serious.

Chipmunk Update
Okay ya go... DON'T GO SEE THAT MOVIE!!! I can't believe I bought a $4 soda that didn't even last the entire movie. The Chipmunks were cute, but I have to say, the cartoon was so much better. You would think that the movie would somewhat appeal to the older generation b/c it is after all the older generation that was probably so excited to take the kiddies. Nope. The parts that had the munks in it were cute, the music was dope, but there were too many scenes with out the munks. And they were boring. No hidden adult humor... the love connection was unreal, and the munks were made out to be just messy, not mischevious.
sigh...I was hoping for so much more.


Anonymous said...

In a few years, replace the dog with a girl, and he'll never be screaming "Stop it!" again.

Too funny though Ellie ;)

Nicole said...

I hope "more then a few years""!!! ( points above to Slick's comment!!! ) lol

well, I can say I am not surprised...I had a feeling that the movie wouldn't be any good!
The Flintstones are my all favourite cartoon and look how they f*cked up those two movies they made about my favourite modern stone age familyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Jahooni said...

I just had some meatballs and now I feel like poop! Or pee... argghh. Guess I will just drink liquids (the good kinds ;-))

Funny about your son and the dog, I can only picture it!

Woozie said...

You thought that abortion of a movie would be decent?

Hypersonic said... and the Chipmunks!!!!???

You're sick,lady!!

Ellie said...

Come on now People!!!! Alvin and the Chipmunks used to rock... Woozie, you are too young to know what a hottie Alvin really was...for a furry rodent.