Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Vote

Just out of curiousity...
How many of you think that the AIDS virus, was man created?


Okay, so this woman, Wangari Maatha of Kenya, says that the AIDS virus was a lab created virus made by a sadistic scientist to wipe out the black race. "Although I am a biologist, I have not done any research. I may not be able to say who developed the (HIV) virus but it was meant to wipe out the Black race,"

Her direct quote " With that I think she lost all credibility, and this woman won the Nobel Peace Prize

Then there is Christian Anders who wrote the book 'The Man W.H.O created AIDS'

he concluded that AIDS is a man-made disease, bio-engined in cancer-virus laboratories and injected into gays and blacks.

WHO stands for World Health Organization

There are theories that state that AIDS started with Smallpox vaccine. The vaccine was contaminated and given to Africans in the small pox vaccine and eventually given to gays. I am not sure how the two go hand in hand. But the theory claims it was a bio-warfare experiement that became out of hand. But what I wonder is, if they injected it, wouldn't they have a cure for it? They wouldn't seriously inject something they could accidently contract, if they didn't have a cure. right?

So second question

Do you think that the government is with holding a cure for AIDS?


Just Dave said...

No, I don't believe that the virus was created by man. Yes, I do believe that the government and health officials totally ignored it, thinking that (1) it was a hot/cold virus like ebola that breaks out and then goes away and (2) it would only effect gay people and Haitians and who cared about them anyway?

By the time the truth about the virus was known, Suzie and Jim Creamcheese were catching it and it was too late to try and isolate it. As far as the goverment withholding a cure, no, I don't think so. Nobody seems to like illicit sezx as much as your average politician so if they had a cure, it would be out there. I think it more likely that pharmaceutical companies would withhold a cure unitl they could find a way to charge $1 million per pill.

RWA said...

I don't believe that at all. I also don't believe that the government blew up the World Trade Center.

Even if there was some sense and reason to this absurd idea, why would they hide the vaccine and allow small children who develop the disease from transfusions and so on to die?

It's ridiculous.

Woozie said...


AIDS was not invented by the government. The closest possibility to that is the idea that it 'mutated' (for lack of a better word) unintentionally from polio or smallpox vaccines of the 1950s and 60s.

If the government was witholding a cure for AIDS, and the people found out about it...oh boy. "Black man got a lot of problems/but they don't mind throwing a brick."

paz y amor said...

Though I don't believe it per se, I also don't think it's that far fetched honestly.

Case in point: The US government funded what was called The Tuskeegee Experiment in the early 1920's where doctors allowed syphillis to fester in the bodies of poor Black men in Alabama under the pretenses that they were being given a cure for the disease. They were testing to see how the long term effects affected the bodies of Blacks differently than Whites- but never treated the men in any way.

The last disease to be "cured" was polio in 1955! Considering how profitable selling medication is these days, it's fair to say that pharaceutical companies aren't jumping around looking for cures anymore. It's not profitable! If you ask me, they'd rather keep the diseases around and profit from the meds sold to reduce the symptoms rather than eliminate the disease altogether, AIDS included!

Ellie said...

I think that dave is right that pharmaceuatical co's would hold out.
Paz...shiat! man...I think you hit it..just like my insurance would rather pay for me to have my tubes tied than have another baby. That is why they pay for vascectomy's too.
Woozie..white people throw bricks too :)

e.Craig said...

I do hope a cure for AIDS and a vaccine to protect against HIV are forthcoming. I understand some good drugs are out there to combat and overcome the effects HIV.

Rhianna said...

I believe the virus is a natural mutation, not engineered. I also do NOT believe it is an STD. Children without blood transfusions, without sex and without parents having HIV/AIDS die with it - that points to another, more societal passage of the virus. It isn't a popular point of view, but the science and studies back it.

I further do NOT think Africa is in the grips of a pandemic. Too many of their "cases" match all the other low-quality life diseases (yellow fever, denge fever, cholera, beri-beri, malaria, etc) that one expects to find in poor quality living places. I also find it highly suspicious that in a continent known for eating "bush meat" and having nothing for hand-washing standards that all those other poor hygiene diseases thrive in has DROPPED all those other things drastically and HIV/AIDS has taken it's place.

Besides, the UN has just admitted it "overestimated" (aka LIED) about the number of HIV/AIDS cases. I smell a rat, and it's name is big pharmacy and big government.