Monday, May 01, 2006

You know what erks me....Bush!

Wow! They say a picture is worth a thousand comes to mind here!

Now before I get all political...let me start by saying I am a republican. Did I vote for Bush, yes. I didn't believe in Gore....and Bush sent my baby brother to Iraq to die during his term so I voted him again for the mere fact I am a firm believer in not changing presidents during war.
Is it just me or does it irritate you everytime the president is on tv speaking the same dribble drabble every time with that stupid look on his face? It really is the dumbest look I have ever seen someone wear every single time they speak. I find myself listening to this idiot and losing myself in those beady eyes, raised eyebrows (both of them) and half smile. How does he smile all the time no matter what he is talking about.
Now I know you would like to have some substantial editorial to go along with my I hate Bush statement, but we all know what the issues are. Why can't I just say....I hate Bush and be left alone!
I just pray someone give him a blow job already so we can get him out of there!
Comment if you want to for or against, however, my opinion is the same.


Jackthepumpkinking said...

Love the picture, that is priceless!

hseldon said...


Simply, I understand.


Mike in Arkansas said...

No editorial needed. However, anything that takes Bush out of office also has to take Cheny. Removing Bush alone is the wrong answer.

Bush is an idiot.

Cheny is dangerous!

Garnish said...

George W. Bush is the only man who can save us from the evil doingd of Trey Parker and Mtt Stone. Mark my words - bush rules!