Friday, June 16, 2006


So it tis...and how is your Friday??? Mine is great!!!! My blog renter is back from last week....I totally love her blog.
Ya'll gotta check it out! Comment and leave your BE name and I will transfer credits for the visit!

Soooo I gotta bitch about something right...that is what I do!
My hubby decided to teach our beautiful innocent child a new word. SEXY...
When Tyler sees a pretty lady, Michael wanted him to be able to say "sexy". Well Tyler learned the word..... almost..... he can't pronounce the "y" on the end. So now he checks out a pretty lady and says "OOHH LALA....SEX!!!!". Yeah, that was a tough one to explain to our daycare lady! Way to go daddy!!!!

(I do get a little chuckle out of it though!)


Annie said...

I love Casual Slack too! My BE name is alevek and my blog is Mixed Salad Annie. Come check it out.

Don said...

Hey, that's what us Dad's (and Uncles) are for!! To teach new things to the kid, that embarass the Mom's. ;)