Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How to tell if your neighbors hate you! (BE Contest)

My sister in law has some pissy ass neighbors. They don't like my sister b/c her husband is a blue collar worker and they say the neighborhood is for white collar only. My brother in law said to them in one of the meetings..."It must really piss you off a highschool graduate makes more money than you!" One house has sent them letters harassing them, has sent people by their house taking pictures while their kids were out front playing. They are some extreme bitches. It has gotten so bad that my sister had to put the house up for sale and move to another neighborhood. Thats okay though...better schools, brand new house, bigger...she got the better end of the deal.

I had to do the same thing. I had a neighbor that got mad at me for parking in the space she normally parks in. She confronted me while I was walking my dog. Mind you, we had no assigned parking and I parked there b/c there was no upfront parking and I was bringing my 1 year old home from surgery at Children's Hospital. I told her that and she continued screaming at me. I said Deb..ya only parked 2 more spots away..still she wouldn't shut up...So I told the 500lb bitch that she needed the exercise and to get over it. From there everyday I would get home with my son in tow, she would antagonize her pittbull "Get her...get her...good girl". Her Pitts were notorious for getting loose and I could picture that happening and her dog attacking my child. I was terrified. Then she would leave them outside to bark till after 9 at night and let them out when I was showing my house when we put it up for sale. One night she said loudly while outside..."everyone coming to look at thier house will know I have Pitt Bulls!!" From that I confronted her again. I lost it! My husband had to hold be back. Then I called the animal control and told them I didn't want to be anonymous...let her know that I called and that it was my decision to have her dogs taken b/c I caught everything on video and I was being nice and not doing that. Let me sell my house and then you can do what ever the hell you want! We sold our house two weeks later and thank God.....her dogs had puppies 3 weeks later!

Tell your horror stories...Best one wins 20 BE points a post and caption!

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Dick Small said...

HaHAhahaha!! I love it. I always appreciated shrub statues. I may do that to one of my bushes. I have a neighbor this would go well towards.