Monday, June 05, 2006

The Sopranos Erk the hell outta me now!!!!

What the hell was that???? I am a long time Soprano lover....long time. But I almost screamed last night. I waited all season for see Christopher screw Anthony's chick while smokin a crack pipe...that was it? I gotta tell ya really had me going. Absolutely nothing happened this season. They could of atleast found Adrianna's body or they could of made her alive scheming to rat everyone out. And what was with the gay theme this year. That was a little played out. Like he could really bag that guy.... and oh the lame lines "I love you too Johnny Cakes" Johnny cakes.....come on! They should of said..."oohh that's right poo bear, stick it there"! It would have been wonderful if everyone started coming outta the closet....Tony "I'm out!" Chris.."No Way YOU too?!!" Then Carm says..."Oh Thank God I thought I was the only one!"in her beautiful New Yorker Accent. I just think the story lines regarding Vito were a little hard to swallow. (No pun intended)
I think maybe the carnival thing would have been great if the baby went flying off the tea cups and pinged the clown over the water bin. "Ding Score!"
Well atleast Junior got laid this season...nevermind that the girl was way too hot for him and he looked like a vamp naked next to her full hot body! Junior got laid! 4 snaps for Junior!!!
It just seemed like this season was constantly setting up for something and then BAM!!! Nothing. Check out the Sopranos NEXT YEAR!!!! I thought this was supposed to be some extended season. What was all that hype about? I thought they might come back in September, but NOOOOOOOOOOO they went and screwed us all up. What a waste of my $13 a month for HBO...

But you know I will check it out next year cuz someone's gonna get wacked! I lick my lips thinking about it!

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