Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My vote doesn't count

If I was a Democrat..maybe. I don't get why if I am registered Republican, I have to vote Republican in the primary.
It seems McCain is the clear front runner for the Republican party, but it's a race between Hillary and Obama.
I am going to place my little ol Romney vote in the bucket (Damn that Huckleberry person).
I hate that we don't get to participate in Super Tuesday. We vote a week later...What the F*** is up with that?
Everyone should vote the same damn day..then everyone can feel their vote mattered.

So now that my Romney is way behind in the delegate vote...I want to vote for Obama... but according to the rules...I can't.


Jahooni said...

How in the heck have I missed all of this and I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT... how did you get your picture at the top? I haven't figured out how to do that. Okay now let me read all of this!!!! You have been busy missy!

Ellie said...

you have to switch to the new blogger and then when you go to the pick new template you can upload your own pic.

I want to do a series of 4 pics up at the top...but haven't figured that out yet.

Jahooni said...

how do I switch to new blogger?
email me what to do

Woozie said...

Something terrible, some scandal could still uproot McCain and leave the door open for Romney or Huckabee. It's not likely, but it's still possible.

I don't know how the GOP will hand out Maryland delegates, but if they are dealt out proportionally, then you could still help Romney pick up a few delegates.

Or you could try and change your party affiliation before Tuesday.

paz y amor said...

Now you can't even VOTE for him cause he's now out of the race. I'm really not a fan of this two party system in the least!

e.Craig Crawford said...

I share your frustration, Ellie. But, I know there ain't a dime's worth of difference between the socialist agendas of Obama and the Hildabeast.

It certainly looks like McCain will have the Republican nomination in the bag. I currently believe he's the least of three evils.