Friday, February 15, 2008

Steroids + Baseball + a bunch of Liars = $15 million

The Mitchell Report... Who cares?
My question is this, if there was no set guideline, why does it matter who did steroids in 1984 or when are talking about more than 20.
So the league sets a standard now, and they follow it, why can't it be that simple. When we are battling a possible rescession, failing housing market, neglected military...why is this country's leaders content on spending 15 million + dollars on this crap?
I watched the hearing...this is what I got out of it...
You you did...when I was lying, but not now...your still I'm not...yes you are...Even though I was caught in lies...I'm suing for defemation now...You sir were my your not...

Clemens should have stood up and called them all assholes for this entire ordeal.
This man has worked all his life and been successful, at the end of the day ...he wants to have a good name, now b/c of this bullshit, his name is forever tarnished.

So Mitchell question to you is...Where is the inquiry on the RedSox team, 'oh I forgot' there is a vested interest it's okay to sweep that under the carpet.
I like the way Representative Dan Burtan put it in an excerpt of this artice:
After more than four hours, doubts still remained about the trustworthiness of both Clemens and McNamee. The committee chairman, Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman of California, said McNamee, a former New York City police officer, lied seven years ago during an investigation of a possible rape. Waxman also singled out Clemens.
“We have found conflicts and inconsistencies in Mr. Clemens’ account. During his deposition, he made statements that we know are untrue,” Waxman said.
But McNamee had also lied to federal investigators and withheld evidence about steroid use in the past. After ticking off several of those instances — “Is that a lie?” — and hearing McNamee confirm each one, Republican Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana tossed his hands in frustration and said, “Gee whiz! Are you kidding me?
Something other than politics for a change
Baseball steroid use
Mitchell Report


RWA said...

I believe it matters because use of steroids, HGH or other performance-enhancing substances without a medical prescription in this country is a violation of federal law and a felony.

Not only have these guys not been getting arrested, let alone going to court, but their employer has done nothing about it either.

If that was you or me, we'd be headed to court and possibly prison.

Since baseball won't clean up its own act (their new testing rules and punishment guidelines are an improvement but still a joke), someone has to "help" them do it.

paz y amor said...

More congressional bullshit to distract themselves from real issues. I'm not surprised that they're going after the big fish, but it's pointless if you ask me.

Just Dave said...

Congress is not the body to help, believe me and this whole Clemens deal just emphasizes that. Clemens is a friend of the Bushs. Therefore, during the hearing, he got the softball questions from the Republicans and the hardball questions from the Democrats. And we got to pick up the bill.