Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday! My Final Plea to Democrats

All kidding aside....

Democrats, If you have to vote for somebody...Vote Obama!!! If you didn't see the headlines over the weekend, Hillary has now stated that under her 'universal' health plan, she might require employers to garnish the wages of those that don't participate in a health plan and can afford it. Unless you know everyone individually, and the needs of each individual family in this country, there is no way to know if one could afford it. My brother in law has 4 chilren. While is paycheck is a nice one, he doesn't recieve child support and his company doesn't pay for family healthcare, only the individual. So $666 comes from each of his paychecks to cover health care. That is $17316 per year. I don't even think they have that many medical bills.

But b/c he has a nice paycheck, Hillary seems to think he can afford that.

Teired insurance is not the answer, insurance reform is.

Affordable insurance all across the board, not just for those that can't afford it.

I only keep my job b/c I need health care. My husband and Brother in law, work at the same place. Sooo. for us it's a no brainer, we could pay $6864 under my plan of $17316 under his. But under Hillary for Prez...I could quit my job and mooch off of the tax system. Forget about the $18000 in daycare a year. Sure things would be tight...but hey...President Hillary will take care of my health insurance. And if you think there aren't others out there seriously contemplating that idea, you are mistaken. You think our country has financial issues now...elect Hillary and then you will see what financial issues really are.

Not to mention this....her first agenda is to meet world many world 'dictators' will sit down with a woman. Not the most pleasant thing to say coming from a woman, but it's the truth.
Hillary wants to do away with our childcare credits, and our child income tax credits. My God!! I would be poor!
B/c of our double income, I will be taxed higher, lose my credits, still pay health care...
I think if it came to it....Nic we might be neighbors, seriously!!!

Go Mitt Romney (sorry woozie, I know you think he is a douche)

Please don't vote McCain.. he is as much as a liar as the Clinton's are...thing is..he keeps lying even when he's been caught lying. If you want another Bush..go for McCain.
Romney is Honest. Romeny is younger people (still a little old though) he is conservative.
Obama is Honest. Obama is younger people, fresh ideas. He is conservative on some issues, but not all.
Choose wisely!


paz y amor said...

Obama definitely has my vote. I NEVER like the idea of forcing anyone to do anything so Clinton's idea is dead in the water for me. The choices in the last three elections (the ones I've been able to vote in) have been lackluster. This year, I'm actually invigorated to vote someone in, rather than keep someone else out. I cannot in good conscience vote for Romney though. Anyone who swaps sides because "the base" doesn't like it (e.g. gay marriage, abortion) is bound to be trouble. "Stick to your guns" and is what I say...

Nikky said...

I do believe I am going to a caucus tonight... never been before, but then again, I never cared this much before either... plus, it's like a block and a half from my house...

like the above poster said, it's finally an invigorating process this year, something to really get excited about...

Look at me, sounding all grown up and junk... I'm such a dork!

Hypersonic said...

All politicians everywhere ain't worth a pisspot. Voting for any of them is a waste of time as they all offer up the same platitudes and never follow through on election promises.

But you have to exercise your democratic right, so it doesn't really matter who you vote for, the shit's still gonna be the same.

Don said...

I'm not so sure that Obama is honest... In fact I'm pretty sure he lies just as much as the others, if not more.. He isn't a good choice either. All I can say is I hope the republican side wins, as their lies are at least a be less repulsive than the lies on the democratic side.