Monday, February 25, 2008

The New Daycare Experience This morning

So...starting new daycare all over again. You think it's hard on the was gut wrenching on me.

I thought that the hardest was going to be for Emma, she is a baby and doesn't recognise anyone and can't verbalize how she is feeling. I thought of how distraught she might be....I bawled my eyes out leaving.

BUT THEN...I went to take Tyler to preschool for the first time today. He was convinced that he was going back to daycare and argued that he he didn't want to go to preschool. So I took him to the grocery store and we bought cookies. I told him that bringing cookies to his new friends would be fun. Then I got him all excited to go.

Not even 5 minutes into him being there some kid tackles Tyler to the floor, hits him and then puts him in a choke hold. We had to pry him off my son. Tyler sat back holding his neck with a look of desperation and hurt on his face. I tried not to make it an overwhelming thing for Tyler and re directed him to some other children playing house. I know the other kid is only 3, but I felt like kicking him in the head. Good thing we don't react to our first impluses....I will go with the 2nd impulse...meeting his mother in the parking lot and kicking her in the head all while screaming "How bout' teaching your kid some fucking manners!"

Okay, I won't do that either, but it sounded cool.

I checked in on both my children today and they are both adjusting well.


Rhianna said...

A bit off topic, but if you're worried the baby can't comunicate, have you thought to teach her some basic ASL? Babies as young at 4 months can use signs like "eat", "sleep", etc. They won't be able to grasp more complex ones, or complete sentences, but you can at least give them the building blocks (and it increases their ability to speak - often at 'young' ages versus non-ASL users). Just a thought.

Ellie said...

My friend does that. I think I would if I had more time with her at home.

She was so happy when I dropped her off today. She went to Alida and kinda hugged her. It was sweet.

On the other hand...Tyler screamed going to preschool.

I didn't know what to do.