Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spanish for Your Nanny

Ha Ha Ha... I needed a laugh after what happened with my kids last week..

This is how it all went down.. My nanny/daycare calls :
"Elnora, I was hoping you could talk to your son"
"He hit Morgan in the head with a rock"
"Oh my God, Why did he do that"
"Morgan had a toy Tyler wanted"
"Did Tyler have the toy first?"
"Yes and Morgan snatched the toy from Tyler, so he hit her with a rock"
My problem with this conversation was that when presented to me, it was as if my son had instigated the fight between him and Morgan, when in fact, it was Morgan who started it with Tyler. Tyler doesn't know that hitting with a rock is worse than pushing the kid back. He doesn't understand the severity of his action. Anything he could do to get the toy back would have been all the same to him. So my next question was... Where was Emma? Inside with me, she says. So I am assuming that she was watching the kids play outside through the window. So there was no adult there to immediately stop the argument before it escalated. My next question was Why were the kids outside Sharlene? It is 22 degrees out there and with the wind it feels like 13 degrees. That is below freezing, and against MD Childcare law. I was unaware of that she says again.
So I say to Sharlene that I want the main daycare provider, Nicky, to call me when she is available to do so, because she is on maternity leave, but she is there b/c she has the lisence to run the daycare so she supervises. Then I get a call from Sharlene Nicky is out of town and I can't get in touch with her.
It was the last straw, I felt that after the past couple months of inconsistancy, and bullshit, my kids were not recieving adequate care.

I used to trust Nicky with my kids life, and now...I don't even know her anymore. As of this week my children have new care.


paz y amor said...

Can I borrow your kid to throw rocks at a few of my bad ass third graders with no home training? I think he'd enjoy it, and I know I would!

Jahooni said...

and you pay for this???????

Just Dave said...

Good job, We had our kids in a home daycare situation we thought was ideal but, many years after the kids were out of daycare, they told us tales that made me so angry my wife had to do some fast talking to keep me from flying back to Houston and killing both the man and woman. Nothing sexual but abuse all the same. The kids were afraid to tell me at the time because they thought they would get in trouble. You were lucky to find out in time to do something.

Rhianna said...

I used to work at a La Petite in Austin. You'd be shocked!

I stopped working there because I was 1 adult to 25-28 school age children (4 and up). There were times the place broke Texas law, but I as an 18 year-old had no idea what to do about it.

This also explains why I NEVER let the CDC or AYP care for my kids. They don't have a babysitter either. It scares the crap outta me.

I'm really glad you found out and got them somewhere you feel safe and happy about. :)

Ellie said...

Jahooni...not anymore.
We found new care, but it is unnerving all the same.

My son is now going to preschool, and we found in home care for our daughter. But that is the scary part. My son won't be there to tell us anything. I am nervous, but I feel confident in our choice.

My children are my life. It is tough to make these kinds of decisions for them.

Ayman said...

good evening

Hypersonic said...

Ya know...the Sprog came home with a cut on his chin, a bruise on his arm and a little redness around the top of his cheek, yesterday. His old kindergarten would phone and tell us, or tell the nanny when she went to pick him up and write an incident report in his daily diary...this

I'm going down there Monday to have a "chat". The place was closed this afternoon.