Sunday, March 30, 2008

Conversation with hubby part 7 or something like that

Hubby : Come here and let me give you something
Me: Maybe tonight...later..
Hubby: You mean we can actually do it tonight?
Me: I wonder why God made it so you 'have to do it'... why could we be like frogs?
Where we wouldn't have to do it, I could just pop some eggs out and you could fertalize them

Hubby: You mean fish dear...
Me: Oh yeah, fish..
Hubby: But then you would have to go upstream and die.
Me: All fish swim up stream a die after?
Hubby: No ..just salmon.. I think
Me: Imagine all the crime that would be eliminated if we didn't have those urges to do it
Hubby: Then everyone would go around fertalizing. (then he starts imitating fertilization)
Me: I am going to write this up on my blog

Hubby throws his hands up in the air!

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e.Craig Crawford said...

Good post! A little humor was just what I needed.