Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where is the love?

So yeah.. that is what I was thinking this morning. Where is the love, where is the good in people?
All I have heard lately is bad shit this, bad shit that...I haven't had a good ole fashion "WOW..this person did that and it was really awesome!"

So this is my challenge...TO EVERYONE!
Tell me something good about someone...even if it was a stranger that did some good.
I will start
The last time I was truly blown away was a few weeks ago..
The day before this had happened, I was thinking about how much crap was going down in my life and thought to myself, I have alot to thank God for, so I should just roll with the punches for right now, then the day after I had this 'revelation'
it was a real pissy day and felt like flipping my middle finger up at the world, I was a grump and couldn't break free of my 'imaginable thoughts' and then the McDonalds cashier leaned out the window and said "You Have a blessed day"
He is the same cashier I see every morning when I get my coffee. And every morning he says the same thing. I used to get a giggle out of it, because seriously, who says that? Well, I guess, he does.

Then I drove away and thought.. "Way to remind me God.. Thanks"
I came back to that Cashier the next day and handed him a Thank You card. Just to say Thank you for reminding me. I wanted him to know that his words had an impact on atleast one person.


Woozie said...

My asshole brother's asshole couch gave me asshole back pain :)

Ellie said...

so..did you do the right thing and buy him a new couch wooz?

Woozie said...

No, I'm broke.

Ellie said...

just like your brother's couch! LOL!

e.Craig Crawford said...

There are lots of good people in the world, both in and out of government. They just don't make the news for obvious reasons.

It's easy to get the impression that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, when we have so much sensational "news" foisted upon us.