Monday, March 24, 2008

My Poor Koda

This is Dakota and Daisy...Dakota is the Big Black Dog...he is beautiful isn't he?
We call him our retarded dog. We always say that if something were to would be 10x more tragic than if something happened to the other dogs. See Dakota isn't too bright.
Think of it this way...
your watching the news... someone gets hit by a passing think..aww what a shame...
now make that person mentally you think ...oh my that is so sad, who would hit a retarded person. Because the person was mentally challenged it becomes more tragic.
(don't say it doesn't )

So that is how we see our beloved 'koda'. He is our mentally challenged furry child. We also say is is the smartest dumb dog we know. We know he knows what he is doing, and does it anyway regardless of the consequences. It is just how he is, BUT, he is also, of our our 3, the family dog. The kids could pull on him, smack him, ride him like a horse and he would still come back for more and more. He crawls up in your lap like a puppy..all 70 pounds of him. He is the most loveable dog in the world.
Since Emma was born, we haven't had much time for the dogs. Well the last 3 days Dakota hasn't been feeling well. Then this morning I went downstairs and he wouldn't move. I begged him to get up, but our beloved just wanted to lay down. Finally, after much nudging, he went outside to go potty.
I made an appointment with the vet and had been crying all morning. I kept telling my husband that I needed more time with him to make up for the last couple of months.

turns out, Dakota has Lyme's Disease. WHEW!!!, though it can be a severly dibilitating disease, he is going to be okay with the right treatments.


Jahooni said...

i just posted about my dog and now reading this i feel awful for saying all the horrible things about our fur baby. gosh.... how sad but luckily there are meds and great docs our there...

Ellie said...

Oh J.. I know what you mean. I told Michael last night, this was an eye opener for us...we definately need to treat our pups more like apart of the family instead of pains in our asses. ..we rescued Dakota and loved him so much but then kids and life wore us down and finding the time has been hard. But we need to make time b/c he is a good being. A wonderful friend.

Nicole said...

I am so sorry to hear of you pet troubles El!

He is a beautiful dog, ( they both are) and our furry friends make the most loyal friends too!

Sending you a huge huge.
Ps. Got the email...all the kids are out of school this week for Easter break, so have had a busy day...will email in the next day or two...but OMG..what ADORABLE pics!!! Absolutely beautiful!
Wish I could see them in person too!

Talk soon

e.Craig Crawford said...

Good news. Your lovable pooch can be made well again.

Nikky said...

I'm glad to hear that Koda is going to be ok. I have to deal with the same thing tomorrow with my puddy tat, Tiny. She has a Dr.'s appointment to find out what's wrong with her... and I have these feelings of guilt and neglect about her... just haven't had the time lately. What an eye-opener!

Slick said...

Dogs can grow to be just like children to us....when I was younger, mine was just like a brother, except better.

Bout killed me the day I had to have him put to sleep.

Glad Dakota is going to be FINE, Ellie!

RWA said...

I am glad to hear that your dog will get better.

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