Thursday, April 03, 2008

dawg peed on the carpet again, conversation with hubby part 8

Ellie "I called Chem Dry, they want $200 to clean the dog pee off the carpet, if we do just regular cleaning it's $90"
Hubby: "Shit, what is the other $110 for?"
Ellie: " She said she had to saturate the carpet with the chemical"
Hubby " I'll saturate the carpet with my chemical for $110 dollars!! Shit, if it costs $200 to get piss out the carpet I wonder what theyda charge for a dump!"
Ellie : "it's the same cost"
Hubby : "I should take a big ole' dump on the carpet and leave it there and see what they say. The woman would be like " Oh My Gawd, Whuts that? and I would say "don't know, maybe the dawg did it!"
At this point I did a 'giggle giggle snort snort. I was searching the net for carpet people to call and I found one, at that point, I said to hubby:
"Here's one right up the street from us.. Top 2 Bottom Carpet cleaners!... look honey, they will clean my top carpet then move on to my bottom!"

Both of us just couldn't stop laughin!


Woozie said...

This is why hard wood floors are a good thing.

Ayman said...

True dat

e.Craig Crawford said...

I certainly hope there's no disappointing "price adjustment" once they see your bottom. ;-)