Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot with Vanity 'Fair' & Annie Leibovitz

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I am not showing the pic on my site because I believe Miley Cyrus was exploited by Vanity Fair. She is only 15 and her topless figure graces the cover of this popular magazine. Even though she is covered in a sheet, there is a certain "Sexual inuendo" that the photo portrays.

Media outlets are ripping Miley Cyrus a new one saying she should have used better judgement b/c she is only 15. But the media misses the mark in their statements. She is only 15, she has the mindset of a 15 year old. When Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair come to you saying they want you on the cover, you don't argue, you jump at the chance. When they say "oh what a beautiful shot' your 15 you believe them. You think how artsy and how beautiful you look in your natural skin.

You don't think ahead about the big media blintz that is going to take place because you weren't thinking 'I'm only 15, I should know better'.... but Miley, I will say this, your parents and your agents should have known better.

The moment a photographer started asking you to undress, is the moment I would have taken my daughter home.

Vanity Fair had a ton of pictures to choose from, and they chose the nude shot to put on the cover. Why choose that one? I know why, it's a grabber, nudies always sell.

Annie Leibovitz, might be one of the worlds top photographers, but she just asked a 15year old to remove her clothing for pictures. Isn't that illegal? Why aren't authorities concerned with the well being of this girl? Is it because she is famous and that is what is expected?

The media has got it wrong on this one, Miley Cyrus, It's not your fault.

Miley's Statement Below:
“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”


Nicole said...

I don't know if you are aware, but her parents were shown the picture after it was digitally taken and they approved it.

I don't think this would have been such a huge deal if Disney wouldn't have thrown a hissy out of concern that this may jepardize the cash flow that Miley currently brings, because this was the 2nd wave of "questionable" photos of Miss Miley. Last week onto the internet were photos leaked of her baring her green bra, pretending to tongue kiss another girl and laying across some guys lap.

At least with Annie L.'s pictures, her parents were given the final approval and in the past Disney has used Annie Leibovitz to photo other stars in Disney costumes for Vanity Fair shoots.

To also be "fair", Vanity Fair is notorious for provocative front covers, so I think the Cyrus family had to have been aware going into it. Just my $.02

Ellie said...

I think that Disney was responding to the 'huge' deal the media was making of it.

I am not saying that her parents were right. I thought that the parents should have used better judgement. What pisses me off about the situation is the media chooses to persecute the 15 year old more so than anyone else involved.

She is 15. We sometimes forget how young that is, and how we were, ourselves, at that age.

Nicole said...

The media may be in the wrong, but Miley came forward and apologized at the urging of Disney, who wants to protect the reported 1 billion dollars that Miley is expected to bring in for them.

Personally...I don't think the picture is all that bad....lots of evening wear, esp. in hollywood shows more back. She also is not nude under the sheet, so it's not like they had this 15 year old naked girl with a sheet covering her.

The real crime here, is greed.
Like I said Disney got really antsy because Miley had more racy pics on the internet in the last couple of weeks that her parents didn't approve, nor probably even knew were being taken.

Nicole said...

Annie Leibovitz, might be one of the worlds top photographers, but she just asked a 15year old to remove her clothing for pictures. Isn't that illegal? Why aren't authorities concerned with the well being of this girl? Is it because she is famous and that is what is expected?

I did some reading up and apparently she is not nude at all, but is wearing a backless shirt and has on long dress pants and the picture was also taken outside.

I definitely agree that the aim of the shot was a more grown up shot, but like I said, Vanity Fair has a rep. for these kind of covers.

Had this been an unknown girl...I have to wonder if this would even be an issue. Because a billion projected dollars are at stake...we've got some drama

Woozie said...

"A Disney conspiracy to turn America into a NATION OF WHORES"


Aside from that, yeah her parents/agent(s) should have known better. Toplessness + 15 year olds does not compute.

Nic, what happened to your Opinions?

Rhianna said...

Nicole, you've got it wrong. Cyrus and his wife left the shoot leaving grammy and a teacher in control. Crap ass parenting if ever there was, but the paedophile's dream didn't come about until Leibovitz was alone with a dumb-ass 15 year-old.

I don't consider that hack to be a good photographer. She has to SEX everything. From the shocking Demi Moore photos in the 90's that were private photos she took and then SOLD to a magazine to making a child look like a whore.

I'd have beat the shit out of her, and little ol' grammy and a certain teacher would be out of a job! They should have taken that CHILD home, especially given she's poster her own tramp pics online. To leave her in the care of a child pornographer (that's what this is, soft-core child porn) is piss-poor judgment skills.

I'd still charge her ass for illegal child porn photos. Not only are they being sold to children (Miley's target audience) but ADULTS. They're reinforcing the sick American ideal that pre-pubescent children are sex objects to be oogled and lusted over. I'd slit stem-to-sternum anyone that every dared that crap with one of my children.

Nicole said...

Hey Wooz

I still am full of my opinions, but am really busy and needed to take "a break".

And when my smile gets old and faded
Wait around I'll smile again

I'm around...besides, if you ever need to tell me anything...just email.

Nicole said...

Rhianna, I stand behind what i wrote. In the official statement released by Vanity Fair, Miley's parents approved the photo.

I even read today that this may have all been premeditated, to help keep her famous and to try to gain a broader fan base, when Hannah Montana runs it's course, which will probably be sooner then later.

paz y amor said...

I'd have to agree with The Nic on this one. If the parents approved of the photos, that's the end of the "issue" as far as I'm concerned. If they have a problem with it then they should sue Vanity Fair, but that's unlikely. Irresponsible parenting? Perhaps, but you're not the parent to one of the richest teens in the world. I'm sure there was a "plot" to keep her in the public eye considering how hard it is for child stars to keep their star status once they grow up and lose their "kiddie appeal" (how many Gary Colemans, New Kids on the Block and Danny Bonaduces are there?!?!) It's not porn, it's risque and tasteless but far from ruining her career, in fact it'll probably enhance it once this pointless media storm dies down.

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