Thursday, April 17, 2008

ew that was gross

Have you ever had these crazy dreams about sex? Ones that in a million years, you would never hope would happen in real life? Ones that in the dream, you enjoyed the grossness that ensued?

Well that happened to me last night, and when I woke up, I thought I was going to vomit.

No way in hell was that bizniz in my sub-conscience!


paz y amor said...

Uhhhh hello? We need some details here!

Ellie said...

Mucho Girth adn tre mucho sag...nuff said.
maybe too much.

Nicole said...

I agree with Paz...didn't drop in to be left hanging...(pardon the pun!)

spill it....

I have had sex dreams...once about someone that my god it was so good and when i woke up was SHOCKED that i dreamt it! I think I even had a sleep orgasm!!! lol

Jahooni said...

Hey you.
well yep i have... just last night!
i will give you details but after you! (of course) ;)~

Ellie said...

yeah, I have had the good dreams too, but that dream was icky.

The guy was really ugly, I don't ever know how I dreamt up a guy like that. He was smelly and a convict. His weenie was ginormous and his sac was 4 times the size one should be and really saggy.

It was so gross!

I think I had the dream b/c of a law and order I watched the night b4 where one of the main characters went undercover in jail and a guy shove his wee wee in her mouth. The guy had a giant mole on the shaft and he was really creepy.

I think that is where the dream came from.

jahooni..your turn

Woozie said...

2 girls 1 cup