Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I just paid $1.59 for gas per gallon

Yup ...Filled my tank for $32 buckeroos! My friend told me about her grocery store, Giant Eagle. I have seen it before, it's about 5 minutes further from my grocery store. From the outside, it doesn't look like anything special. But on the inside, My goodness. The produce was fresh...the meats were good, the store was immaculate! If you are a bonus card member, you can walk around with your grocery bags and a scanner, scan and bag the items in your cart. Then you turn in the scanner and WALA! all done. They even had a babysitters corner where you can drop the kids off in an indoor playground and pick them up when you were done shopping! For every $50 you spend, you get $0.20 off per gallon of gas at your next trip to their gas station, "Get Go". I thought some of the prices in the store were a little higher, but when you calculate it, saving $32 for gas was worth the trip. If you have a Giant Eagle in your area, it's worth checking out! (This IS NOT a paid post, I was just excited about it!)


e.Craig Crawford said...

That gasoline deal sounds fantastic. And the hand scanner .. well, I'm such a "techno-freak" .. that is just TOO cool.

I remember a visit to Sam's Club a couple years ago .. I was in the checkout line, and an employee scanned all my items, All I had to do was pay the bill when I stepped up to the cashier. Pretty slick.

Anonymous said...

Giant Eagle also has a store-only credit card that gives you 4 cents more a gallon on top of the 20 cents you already get. If you can be disciplined enough to pay the card off every month it's a pretty good deal because you can also earn the discount on the gas you buy at Get Go with the card.