Monday, September 29, 2008

After 5 years I get Wood?

So the traditional 5 year wedding anniversary is something made of wood.
After 5 years of marriage I get wood. After having two children, I think I have had enough wood.

But in the spirit of things.. I thought of the perfect gift for myself.
Normally I would leave magazines open to a specific page or something. But how would I casually leave this lying around?

Seriously folks...they make them out of wood. Imagine just fooling around trying to be all sexy and you are pretending and what not...all of a sudden.. you crack a tooth. What if the thing splinters? Explain that to the doctor.

Here is the website. The creator looks like a real winner...someone who gets out of the house alot!

But in keeping with tradition, I do have to think of something to give my husband. What would best represent the last 5 years of our marriage and be made of wood?

I have no clue. Any ideas?

So what in the past 5 years has happened.

Bought a house. Adopted a dog. Had a baby. Sold a house. Bought a house. Adopted a dog. had a baby. Lost a dog. Adopted a dog. .....there is a pattern here, but I am not going to go there again.

October 4th ya'll.

5 years sure does go by fast. And I feel so old. But damn if I don't love this man. He changed my life. I have a beautiful home, two beautiful children. I can admit we have our bad days, but who doesn't? There are things in my life I would love to go back and say ..what if? But everything in the past has led me here, and there isn't a thing that I would want different in my marriage or my family.

Ladies.. my man actually does laundry and the dishes...who could ask for more?


Nikky said...

Congrats to both of you, and I agree, it DOES go by fast. Doesn't looking at that pic make you think "geesh, that felt like YESTERDAY!"

Hubby and I have 15 years in, and I STILL feel that way about our wedding pictures...

Time flies when you're having fun.
I'll think a bit on the wood idea, can't come up with anything off the top of my head... although that wooden... woody would not be on MY list! (would, wooden woody... wow, I need a hobby, I'm sitting here giggling at myself!)

Ellie said...

do it to fuzzy wuzzy nic...

Wooden woody was a woody, Wooden Woody had no wood, Wooden Woody wasn't woody was he?


Yeah, I don't think the wooden woody is on my list either. I was actually looking into these wedding bands that were made of wood. They are really awesome looking, but they were rather pricey.

I think that I will just give hubby a little action..he hasn't had some in awhile.

We actually get to spend the night alone together with no kids Nic!

We are staying at the Maryland Inn and going to the Melting Pot. We eat at the melting pot every year on our anniversary.

We love it.

Ellie said...

ooopps...I meant Nikky...I was con-fuse-ED

Ben said...

Tell that to my wife. I did the dishes yesterday and SIX loads of laundry.

Congrats, all the same (and you're still hot!)

Nicole said...

Hey El

Happy Happy...and on the 4th when I am whooping it up Veags style, I'll knock back a drink or 2 in your that friendship or what!!

Have to say...I take a pass on the wooden woody....who'd want a wooden woody when you have the real flesh deal layin ( pardon the pun) around...plsu I just can't get past the images of picking out splinters that pop into my head. ( bad Nic..baddddd!!!) :-p

and I see you confused me with your other Nikky...well it's that sweet one that you do the diservice to not moi! :-)

anyway...enjoy your night away at your special place and on that night may you two remember how much you loved each other and were hot for each other all over again....jeez...look what can come out of me when I have become so jaded! Sometimes I even surprise myself.

and of course you are still hot!

Nicole said...

oh yeah...if you put it in the end that I think you were meant to..I don't think you will crack a tooth...and if you do I really have to question EXACTLY how far you are going...

ok...more badddd images...( slaps more typing here for me!!!)


( remember i'm Canadian...we have long winters to develop our potty humour. that and the fact that i truly do have a taste for the devilish side I suppose. :-)

Ellie said...

I actually am very excited Nic..

5 years, and alot to show for it.

I am very happy. He is the most awesome guy that I have ever known, and the first man to ever really love me the way I needed and deserved.

Ellie said...

unless your really short...
pretty damn far!

did you see how big that thing was?

Nicole said...

I am happy for you El. I really hope you keep this blog for years to come..even if you retire from blogging, keep it so that you can go back years later and re-read things.

I have 18 married yrs under my 38 yr old belt and it would be nice to have something to go read to remind me of those feelings sometimes.

18 yrs is a long time to spend with someone and sometimes you do need reminders. But maybe in 18 yrs I will come back here and go thru archives and remember typing this too.

I am really looking forward to gettign away too. It will be good for my marriage and my soul.

here is some real good advice.
We have never taken a trip away without our kids who are 16 and 14.
Don't make this mistake Ellie.
I think it is important for couples to get away even if it is every couple of years. We were a "couple" long before we were parents and I think it is important to nurture that.'s to you and me getting some FABULOUS, Raunchy, SEVERAL bouts of hotel sex this weekend!!!!

Nicole said...

splinters NEVER crossed anyone else's minds....????!!!

perhaps I need therapy after all....

Nicole said...

Have you seen any commercials for Coke that have two tongues and an eyeball talking...I have to confess that I find those tongues creepy yet oddly erotic. Perhaps it's the accent as well... ;-)

Nikky said...

I suppose I could really screw with you and post my comments here with my given name... which is, of course


Naa, I wouldn't do that... I never liked being called Nicole, I only heard it as a kid when I was in trouble! (and then add in the fact that it was usually followed by my middle name, too! Ugh, hate 'em both!)

Today is the big day, hope you're enjoying it!