Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My real thoughts on Palin

Okay. I understand about the oil and energy crisis McCain. But this time you threw me.

I was skimming the Internet this weekend and couldn't believe the Democratic blogs attacking her 17 year old daughter. They stated Palin's 4 month old son was in fact her daughters baby. I thought how disgusting and vile of a creature do you have to be to start rumors like that. THEN...turns out this morning I hear Palin's daughter is pregnant. That she is 17 years old, 5 months pregnant and it was conveniently thrown in there that she planned to marry the father of her child.

First... I don't think that the example is set for our youth and whether or not you want to yell at me for that is up to you. It is exactly what is going to be examined here.

Second... I really hope that they aren't pushing her to marry the father of the baby because she is running for office.

third... Dealing with a pregnant 17 year old daughter, the media, a 4 month old with Down's Syndrome and 3 other children aside from these two, has a lot on her family plate. How is she going to juggle this hectic family life with her political one? If McCain for some awful reason kicks the bucket, Palin would be president.
While there are those that can argue that we are voting for McCain, you have to look at the VP choice as a potential president.

fourth... her lack of experience. Nuff said there.

fifth... I hope he wasn't going for Hillary's disgruntled voters. They are still Democrats and believe a Democrat should be in office. And if you have an honest conversation with a female voter...I bet more than you would think, don't think a woman should be in the oval office.



paz y amor said...
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paz y amor said...

What surprised me more than the story, was the reaction from the evangelists who say that "It shows she's in a 'real' family situation and that we're all sinners." Well that's true and I completely agree with that sentiment, BUT, if Obama or Biden had a 17 year old daughter having a baby out of wedlock, I have a strong feeling that the religious right would be blasting them from their holier than thou rafters for being the parents of SINNERS and detailing "bad parenting" (which it's not) rather than taking on this compassionate "...oh, it's alright baby, JUST MARRY HIS ASS...and SOON" role.

Slick said...

I don't know...

I just think it's sad that every side of a person is examined. True, they do need to investigate some of the personal side of the candidate in order for us to make more of an educated vote but still...there are some lines.

Palin just threw her daughter under the bus.

But then, it's not like we wouldn't have noticed...sooner or later.

Ellie said...

You know..I think she did. And that is what makes me wonder what is important to Sarah or career.

My mother in law says that why should women be all about family and have no expectations for themselves. Well I say that you shouldn't neglet your responsibilities as a parent just to have a career either. We have to look at Palin as if she were president b/c she could be if anything happened to McCain.

She has a 4 month old child with Downs. A pregnant teenage daughter that really likes to party.
and 3 other children that need her as well.

I just don't see how there isn't a conflict.

Ben said...

Oye. All of your remarks are spot on. The built in defense for questioning family over candidacy is "If she were a man with 5 kids, would you ask her that question?" It makes me nuts that they try and make it sound sexist to ask.

Let's see. When was the last time a man with 5 children, one born within a year with special needs, ran for office? Also, does he have a pregnant teenage daughter whose child he will have to care for as well?

I watched her speech last night. I decided any decent human being would have turned down the job. Put family first. Not expose her daughter to the media outside of Anchorage (who probably barely care).

This was her one and only big shot at the national spotlight though, and she took it. And throughout the evening she used it to pander to women, mothers of special needs kids, and small town america. And, (unfortunately) she's every bit as stupid and charming as Dubya.

Hopefully America sees through it a second (third) time around.

Ben said...

PS--I heard from Nic. Didn't get the email yet, but she stopped by my blog. I'll let you know what I find out when I get to the office.

Ellie said...

I think that she did a good job on the speech last night. I think she did very well highlighting what she has done while in office and how she wants to bring that experience with her to McCain.
She is obviously his pick b/c of oil in Alaska, but as well as her government spending. She is different than Bush, and he needed to pull away from that.

She did a great job highlighting Obama's lack of experience and how "words" will only get him so far.

She kinda brought me home again. But I am watching very very closely.

Ben said...

I do agree that she did a good job with the speech. I don't agree that it highlighted Obama's inexperience or her experience very well at all though. Her record on spending is terrible (despite what she says). She left Wasilla almost bankrupt--I'm still looking into what she did as Governor.

But regardless, her speech writer did a great job, and she had a B+/A- delivery. The big question in my mind is whether or not:

1) it makes the media forget her scandals

2) the media forgets her scandals by November.

Either of those things will mean good things for the Republicans. Hopefully breaks it down for us today. I'm waiting for their response before posting my own.

Read the email from Nic--one of her kids started high school, the other got their driver's license, and it sounds like more or less that blogging fell way down the priority list. I told her that's no excuse not to visit. :-).

Send me your email address, and I'll connect you with her if you like. or log on to AIM. My screen name is yrkcllgegy.

Ben said...

Everyone should read this:

Yes, Politico is a pinko commie liberal shill, but if there is any truth to that, she just got a whole lot scarier and less funny.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I like Sarah Palin. She sure brings a breath of fresh air to Washington "politics as usual."

I don't know to what degree her involvement in public service on a national scale would impact her family negatively. I'd just be guessing. But she IS a state governor, by the way.

I think McCain made a brilliant decision in choosing her as his running mate.

Anonymous said...

Weird...because Sarah Palin sort of *defines* politics as usual, except for the skirt. As I suspected, both and a yahoo fact checker with the AP exposed 90% of her speech as false. She's got the Bush charm though, doesn't she? If I weren't married, I do her...

Ellie said...

I am concerned with all of the rebuttles that are coming out after her infamous speech.

Ben said...

Hey Ellie! If you need to come up to the surface for some air, my blog is about trivial nonsense today instead of political trivial nonsense.

Did you read what factcheck had to say about her speech and mccain's? I still haven't sat through mccain's in it's entirety, but he's got a big problem. He was fairly uncharismatic before the palin pick. If there's one thing I give her credit for, it's charisma. He needs to be careful not to get upstaged by her when he turns her loose.

All in all, I'm pretty categorically unimpressed with her experience. I was fairly sickened by her thorough trashing of community organizers too.

Anyway, stop by if you want to read about the moronic stuff that's making its way back to television. First up? Prison Break and 90210. Delicious!

Ellie said...

I have not been there YET...but I will. My mind is kind of swarming with the politics thing right now.

There is so much to sift through with her, don't know what is truth or not.

Ben said... They break it down nicely. If you're looking for honest, she isn't it. Barack is actually the closest I've ever seen, but even he manipulates things. From what I've gathered, the only things about her you can take to the bank are:

She's a creationist (and I'm not condemning that view even though I don't agree with it completely).

She's absolutely, unapologetically pro-life.

She's a little "trailer park," but not in a bad way.

She's extremely ambitious. I'd say to an unhealthy degree, but that's just opinion.

She's pro-censurship, to some degree.

She *Does* have some executive experience. That said, from what I can tell, she did a terrible job, with the exception of snagging millions in earmarks from the rest of us taxpayers. She somehow still managed to leave her town in a ton of debt.

Anyway, I encourage you to spend an hour on and click the links with Palin in the title. The sort the trues, from the half-trues, from the bold faced lies. You're not going to like what you read, but then again, I don't like what they write about Obama. If nothing else, they tell the truth.

In lighter news, 90210 is the only new show, and Prison Break is the only returning show so far. Next week should be more exciting.

Ellie said...

you know what really pisses me off about Palin...
she really through her 17 year old daughter in the public eye...

now this poor girl is everywhere.

It just makes me want to throw up.

She should have declined the vp invitation. She has too much at home to tend to.