Monday, September 29, 2008


I really think that our country is seriously fucked right now.


Slick said...

I just heard Wachovia went down....

I'm on the sideline with you Ellie.

paz y amor said...

Yeah man, shit is royally fucked these days, but I have a feeling the worst is yet to come. In a strange way, I'm hoping that this bailout bill dies because I just KNOW that it won't benefit us in any way.

Ellie said...

I just don't understand the entire thing Paz. How did we get this fucked?
If Pelosi is right, and we had surplus during Clinton, and Bush is just a fucktard...then I do worry about McCain. But under Obama, he has massive plans to spend, and can't say what he will cut out of the spending plan to save the US.

I work in the mortgage industry. To see giants like Wachovia, Fannie, Countrywide, Indy and hundreds more go takes the breath out of you. I live in fear everyday of losing my job.

ps. coutrywide deserves it though...they are really dishonest to the consumer.

Woozie said...

The best you can do is lol all the way to the unemployment office =/

But to be bright Wachovia didn't really 'go under' (at least I don't think they did), they got moderately fucked but are still hobbling along. Unlike WaMu.

Ellie said...

yeah.. I don't think I would be lol'ing... my paycheck pays for the medical insurance.

Ben said...

And yet...people still vote republican. It amazes me. My mom once said "if you want to live like a republican, vote for a democrat." I thought she was full of shit at the time.

Clinton: Peace, prosperity, balanced budget, surplus.

Reagan: The granddaddy of all debt.
Bush I: War, debt
Bush II: trashed world relations, granddaddy of all debt, war, gross incompetence across the board.

Can someone tell me some good things that came out of either bush presidency, or why reagan is such a god amongst republicans?

And before any of you try and blame this on some obscure bill Clinton signed into law, it's not like Bush hasn't had 8 years to repeal it.

This makes me insane. I really don't see how anyone, any honest to goodness lover of America, can vote for McCain. It's insanity.

Nicole said...

If I could vote, it is Obama all the way!!!

Infact when i am in Vegas I am going to try and get myself a yard sign or something to bring home.

So...I don't know a whole lot about your laws, but if I get busted for stealing an Obaba yard sign...I may be putting in a call or 2 to some of my American buds...warning you now Ellie...and you too Paz. ( Paz...I'll repay you with beer, pizza and a football game! :-)