Friday, September 26, 2008

did you catch that?

Obama said the word.....


lol! it even made the news

could you picture orgy of spending.


paz y amor said...

I heard that and raised an eyebrow. Do you think McCain got aroused?

Ellie said...

he sure got a good giggle.

so who do you think won?

Ben said...

The more important question is who do YOU think won.

Ellie said...

ooooooohhh Ben...

okay, here come da judge!

Honestly. I think that McCain won the debate. Does that mean I think he should be president...didn't say that... I just think he won the debate.

And there was one important question both of them could not answer in regards to the bail out.
What would they cut from their administration to help fund this massive bailout?

neither one could answer truthfully.

Tomorrows debate should be interesting with this prompter business.

Nicole said...

Well...I'd do Obama in an orgy before I'd ever go "there" with McCain.

Obama..he's "got it"