Monday, October 16, 2006

The Money Pit!

Being in Real Estate, I consider myself somewhat knowledgable when it comes to home buying. But I think when things become personal, all good judgement goes out the window. We have been in our new house since December 31st. We walked into the transaction having about 35k to put down, 76k to buy furniture, do some small fix ups, and some $ for savings. "Fix up" is not the word so far.
This transaction was so F'd up it was unbelievable. There were 6 sellers on the property that were money hungry greedy no do gooders. The primary owner was a realtor that bought the house 8 months prior and tried flipping it for 100k. They couldn't sell the mug to save their lives and ended up losing money. When hubby and I saw the house, we thought, this is where we will grow old. We moved in, and immediately, The fire place needed conditioning and inspecting due to some melted sheathing in the attic, speaking of the attic, we found 3 holes in the roof, the tractor blew and we had to buy a new one, the dryer started emulating a warm orange glow from behind, so the thought of our home burning down...ummm we went and bought a new dryer. Then in the dead of winter the thermostat went, when we replaced it, it blew the furnace, so we had to run out and buy a new freakin furnace. Then the beautiful 40ft cottonwood tree in our front yard never bloomed. So this weekend hubby and friend cut it down. It was a great site to see. Ty and I ran out in our pj's cuddled in blankets and stood in the neighbors yard. With one WHACK! you her "crack, crackin, crackle, cracking" And the 40ft beauty slowly started to lean. Hubby and friend took a few steps back, hearts skipping beats, when the tree picked up momentum and "SLAM!" Branches went flying everywhere as they hit the ground. It was the coolest sound ever. My son yelled to the tree "Bye Bye tree" "I lus you!". I felt bad. One of the wonders of this home was gone.

Now the money pit has reminded us of three more expenses, paying a grinder to grind the stump from the tree, the washing machine has now blessed us with a wonderful burning odor, and the water softener has now stopped softening.... But I am now the proud owner of a beautiful white woman's blond afro/dread locked/mop on my head! Atleast I walked away with something....certainly not pride.


Anonymous said...

I think they had a comedy movie called "The Money Pit," didn't they?

Sorry to hear about all the troubles you've had with the house. Hopefully, soon, you'll get everything settled the way you want it!

Ellie said...

They did make a movie like that... It was funny funny....That is where I got the name!

Ellie said...

Hey what did you get your nephew for his birthday?

Anonymous said...

You'll have to check it out. I posted a picture of it on Friday.

e.Craig said...

Our dishwasher croaked this summer, and yesterday the reciever on the garage door opener croaked. After reading your post, I'm almost embarrassed to mention it. I do hope the worst is over for you, Ellie.