Friday, October 27, 2006

You might as well know...

I have been a little pre-occupado has been busy, which is a great thing and my mind has been settled on other things. You'll find out sooner or later with a post here and there so here it is...Hubby and I are trying to have another baby. Have been for a month now. While it is tons of fun , the waiting game is killing me. See baby #1 was a wonderful surprise, so there was no waiting involved. I feel like I am the only one in the world unable to concieve. So I logged on to research alittle about getting sperminated. Here are some of the tips they suggest:

Cut out caffine: Try switching to a milkshakes which will boost your calcium as well and assist in conception. (how will a milkshake assist in conception)

Also, try stress management techniques, such as yoga and meditation, which research suggests can also help in getting pregnant.

Buy something sexy: Some experts say that if a woman is highly aroused while she's having sex, the sperm has a better chance of fertilizing her egg. Other researchers don't agree. (this helps how)

The woman can try elevating her hips with a pillow so her cervix is exposed to the maximum amount of semen. (then they suggest laying there elevated for 30 minutes after sex, eeew!)

Make your vaginal environment as sperm-friendly as possible. (okay, I'll buy it some roses and give her a little sweet talk, maybe if she's good I'll take her out for dinner)

What happened to the good ole' fashioned..getting it on and getting pregnant. Why does this seem like such work, ovulation strips, a bbt thermometer, ovulation calender, positions...the list goes on.
This is not going to turn into a mommy blog....I promise...or a I wanna get preggers thing either, I just thought I would share some of the stupid shit out there to get women's hopes up. For me and hubby...the good ole fashioned getting it on, will have to do for now.


Nicole said...

Good luck El, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.... and if anyone can get it on good, I have faith in YOU!!! :)

Anonymous said...

They can give all the "tips" and suggestions they want. The bottom line is - it ain't happening if you two aren't "getting it on."

So keep on keeping on, Ellie!!!!

Hope it works out for you!

Jen said...


>>>roses and give her a little sweet talk, maybe if she's good I'll take her out for dinner<<<

I laughed out loud
when I read that last one...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Ellie, one post in a week? Y'all need to take a little less time doing the hibbidy dibbidy and give your readers a little more love!!!!

I mean, you got a re-review at IT2M, and I haven't even seen you discuss that yet!!!!


kevin said...

what no mention of a turkey baster?

Ellie said...

Sorry RWA...I have not been very "creative" so to speak. I have a bit of writers block. I go through spirts like that.

The IT2M was for personal satisfaction more than anything...But leave it to Annie to say something bad about me. I have been to her blog and was bored so I left.

I like my bloggie & nic & Jen and a few others I visit.

As for the Turkey Baster....uhhh what would that be for???? icky icky poo poo! lol

Anonymous said...

That's OK, ellie. You've had other things on your mind!!!