Friday, October 13, 2006

what is blogging?

I have been on IT2M all day. For those of you who don' t know, its a blog review site. If you want to submit your blog, beware that it isn't only your blog that gets reviewed but your life...if you post about your life.

Today's posts really made me think, what is it about blogging that I love. I like making people laugh, I like talking about my life, I like sprucing up on my writing skills.
But how personal should you go on a blog...really.

There was this chick that called her foster kid "bug" as a term of endearment and called it "stealing" when she snuck a soda from the fridge. Everything about the blog, from my perspective... sucked. Then she submitted it to a site for a bunch of "bitches" to review. What would you expect but an attack upon not only the blog, but the content. Sometimes I think, personal should remain personal.
Then there was another dipshit that put up pictures of him taking his 1 year old daughter to a pro-choice rally. Taking pictures of himself, & his daughter next to pro-choice signs. What message are you sending your child you idiot!? That she was a choice and not a child? (that's another debate) That is fine to be a free thinker, but alittle extreme to use your child as a prop in your political debate.

I know this hasn't been a very funny post...but how funny am I really? Atleast I crack myself up. But these 2 people were whack! They don't get links b/c they don't deserve them and I choose not to exploit thier children more than they already have.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Sometimes I really wonder if people submitted their own sites - or if someone else submitted them.

Some of the stuff that gets "reviewed" is pretty bad.

Julene said...

Watching morons pour their hearts out can be an inviting hobby, but IT2M is over the top. Here was the second review on their site: "You know what’s worse than a mommy blog by a depressed insecure mother? An ugly-as-fuck mommy AND daddy blog by a couple of pretentious, obnoxious envirofascist cunts." I didn't read the first review because of that attention span thing, but this one was right to the point. Calling someone "ugly-as-fuck" seems out of line, even to me.

But the premise of IT2M seems goofed up. Who really needs someone else to tell them that a blog is worth reading or not? It takes about three minutes to figure it out for yourself.

Ellie said...

"over the top" is what you submit for though...really. If you pay attention to the site, you know what your in for. That is why I don't understand why such personal stuff is submitted there of all places.

I know some of us (bloggers) think that our identities can be a secret, but come on now... children are crafty. They are going to figure out how to see what mommy and daddy do with their time. When you post things about your children that are nasty or extremely shouldn't submit your site to a place like IT2M.

Ellie said...

then I see the content of what people post concerning thier disheartens me to read about people taking their children to dangerous events to make a point, or to call their children brats and such. I share my life, but the most personal stuff remains personal. And I would most certainly post a pic of my child or family member and tell the world how horrible they are.

jane said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Some things just aren't meant to be said in public. When you let a child view a blog that discusses so many negative things about them, it's just wrong. I feel bad for the kids.
From what I've read, IT2M tries to make sure the person who submitted the blog for review is actually the owner of the blog.

Nicole said...

Hey! How was pumpkin picking? I thought about you on the weekend, hope you guys had fun and took lots of pics!

As for the blogs, I think it is terrible to trash your kids on these. But I also think it is disgusting to trash your kids at all.

I can say, I talk about my kids and family life and personal things, but I don't use any of my family's names and I can say that I am honest. None of my stuff is fabricated. If I do talk about my kids, it is just stuff we are doing, etc. Someday, my kids may figure out I have a blog, and if they do, that would be all right. I can stand behind everything I have written.

Rhianna said...

I have a family blog, not linnked to my "public" profile. I rarely discuss my family matters on my blog.

If you submit to IT2M they send you a confirmation e-mail. They also cross-referece the e-mail address with the "contact" details of the blog. She submited herself, she ASKED for it knowing fully well what was coming. She needs to get the hell off her soap-box and accept her actions have consequences, especially at IT2M.

For a supposed mother of a troubled child, she posted 10 posts in 1 day! That is going to get the hackles of IT2M up. Anyone who's EVER read even 1 review on that site knows what they're in for. You don't do it to feel better about yourself, you don't do it for constructive criticism, you do it because you're a masochist - atleast a small part of you is. I don't pity her at all.