Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Tuesday...(technically) but the start of the week

Soooo... I have stayed away from the politics for a bit. I thought it all a bit tiresome, HOWEVER, I do have to say something about this past Hillary debacle. During a recent interview Hillary states that she is staying in the race, doesn't understand the pressure to quit, states Bill won the race after California, and that R. Kennedy was assassinated during the June primary in California, so anything can happen.
While news reports are stating that Hillary was tired, blah blah, is looking past the comment and moving on. I think that it is a permanent scarlet letter in her campaign. ANY hopes of a dream ticket are far gone for Hillary.
Who the F*** in their right mind mentions assassination during a presidential race?
I think she should be arrested for the comment personally. What would be the charge, intent to incite. People are arrested all the time for inciting violence. If anything happens to could be argued that Hillary put the word out.

Now I know that it has crossed my mind, that Obama is clearly one of the most endangered candidates ever in History. He is the first Black presidential 'nominee'. But it is an public figure should though talk about such things, reaching millions of television viewers, stirring up the kettle.

I am not voting for Obama, I don't like him really, but never ever would I want something to happen to the man. It would be devastating. What would that say about our country? Could you imagine the fall out from something happening to him? I don't even want to think about such things, but you I help it.
I am just going to put it out there...I would fear for my life in the days after. I would fear riots, I would fear united relations disintegrating even further. I would fear the fall of the election process. It would be one of the saddest days in our history. So many things could go wrong.

I can only hope that we are a far better society than I fear we are not. And I pray that every presidential candidate is safe and that this bickering between the democratic party will end. It isn't good for our country. Hillary...drop out.. it is the best thing for the United States. It isn't about what you want anymore. There is no high road to take here... you have lost, your country doesn't trust you, most loathe you, you are sick and need medication.

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I am starting to wonder, although this is a generalization, that all politicians are nuts.