Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You have been a great Friend

We still have not been able to figure out what is wrong with our Dakota. He has lost more weight and has started to deteiriorate again. We are hoping that weening him off the steriod is affecting his mood, and it's not a flare up of the muscles again.
The more I study our friend and search for possible conditions he might have, it seems to me that the diagnosis of Meningitis might be wrong. The more I research, it looks like Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It is the worst kind of Lupus to have.
Sometimes the dogs have always had it and it masks itself as allergies, with skin rashes and things, and so you always treat for that. Then something might happen to your pet, in Dakota's case, he caught Lymes Disease, and the Lupus flared up in full force. It is treatable to an extent, and it's never cured. Sometimes the Lupus is so bad it results in the loss of your pet. It seems that steriods are the only thing that control what ever disease Dakota might have. But now, the combination of steriods, antibiotics and auto immune suppresants are starting to effect Dakota's white blood cell count.

Michael and I in our hearts, are feeling that we are losing our Dakota. I never thought we would lose our friend so early. He is 6 years young. We haven't begun to spend the time with our pet that we want to. The talks of 'how long' do we let this go on for him ... are becoming more frequent. But neither of us wants to say 'enough' just yet. He is so beautiful. To not have him in our lives tears us apart. The other day, we were in Baltimore, and Tyler wanted a penny to make a wish in the fountain. I gave him a nickel and when he through it in he said, "I want our doggy better".
Dear God, Please make our Doggy better. It's just not time for him yet.


RWA said...

I'm sorry to hear that Dakota isn't doing any better. I hope he gets better soon.

Hopefully Tyler's "wish" will help.

Nicole said...

Hey Ellie

Sorry to read that Dakota isn't doing well. Part of loving them is knowing when it's "time" and i am sure you will know. Hoping that you have much more "time" with your beloved furry friend.

Nicole said...

OFF Top.

If RWA comes back and reads on this thread, I just wanted to tell him that Sunday night I attended a Rush concert here in Regina. I know he likes Rush ( or I think it was him) and they are on tour on their Snakes and Arrows tour. They were INCREDIBLE!

For 54 yrs old, Geddy Lee can still rock it...I think he even gives Mick Jagger a run for the money. was a really great concert and they played 28 you walked out of their feeling pretty damn good.

Ellie said...

If Dakota could just tell us what was wrong, it would be so much easier.

But how do you make 'that' decision for someone who can't tell you 'it's okay'. He looks to us like we are mommy and daddy....

I can hardly stand it.

Slick said...

Awww man, I'm sorry girl....

I know it's got to be hard. My thoughts are with you

Woozie said...