Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Do men really know?
They just don't get it sometimes.
Men might want to sit around and complain about women and how bitchy we are and jive like that, but if they knew the sacrafices we made for them, our children, our families in general... I think they might appreciate us more.

Every room of my home is decorated in family photos. Past and present. So room to room I am reminded of what I used to look like, how I look now. I am also reminded of the benefits of my sacrafice. The beautiful smiles of my childen lovingly glance back at me.

It's easy for men to wonder what happened to their 'perfect' wives but so hard for your wives (some of them) to accept the way they have become.

I have always wanted children, a home, and a husband. The perfect family unit. But no one ever told me that after children, my perky breasts would sag. That was until my OBGYN said during a visit that I might want to get a better bra so they didn't sag more after Emma was born. (thank you) No one ever told me I would end up needing surgery if I wanted my tummy to look 'normal' again.

No one ever told me I would 'need' make up b/c I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 years.
No one ever told me, I would chop all of my hair off because I didn't have the time in the morning to 'do' it.
No one ever told me that I probably would never highlight my hair anymore b/c that means I would need time to touch it up every month.

Geesh I could go on and on...

So in short, no one ever told my husband these things either.

I guess I am a little bitter b/c with the ton of sacrafices I have made...I was hoping not to have to plan my own Mother's Day. But I am the I have to do the planning of the plans.

It just seems a bit, unfair.


Nicole said...

No one ever told me, I would chop all of my hair off because I didn't have the time in the morning to 'do' it.

ok...I didn't realize when reading this, that it was a scary story heart is still pounding....

;-) your kids get abit older, you will get more time for kids are 16 and going to be 14 and I have fabulous hair...

Ellie said...

Maddddness I tell ya!
Want to hear what is worse... My sister is a hair stylist. It seems a bit of a crime that I don't do my hair anymore.

Nicole said...

So, seriously...did you really chop off all your hair.....Dude.... WTF???!!!

Ellie said...

Kinda. I got the shortest haircut I have ever had.
It has grown a bit since, but my sister is going to come next week and work on it. She is going to cut it shorter in the back and leave the front longer, then perm it.
Talk about 80's

Nicole said...

Ok...I was picturing you all GI Janeish...LOL

That's kinda like mine, no. Shorter in the back and then the front and sides a bit longer then my chin.

When did you do this? recently???
The Easter pics, your hair was still long.
Sometimes, getting a new DO though, spifs us up. Keeping the same DO year after year, is tacky and something that men do. The same DO IS like having 80's hair!!!