Monday, May 19, 2008

What's THAT?

So this weekend was eventful. We had several 'play dates' with some of my friends and my children's friends. On Saturday we went to the indoor water park.

Hubby had to put a life gaurd in his place that was screaming at a couple and their children. The life gaurd was getting angry b/c the couple was oddly enough, ignoring him. He kept yelling, all the while getting more frustrated and more rude with each breath. I guess he was pissed he was going to have to get his fat ass out of the chair and actually approach the people. When my husband tapped him and explained, "uh hey man, those people you keep screaming at...they're deaf".
Boy did he look like an ass.

We had been swimming almost an hour. My friend and I wanted our hubby's to jump the high dive and have the kids watch. so we were making our way out of the pool and I noticed something 'floating', but it was alot of a something. When I went to step out, I saw it was smeared all over the stairs and did my best to avoid it. I made my way to the life gaurd and calmly explained.. "Dude, I think someone pooped in the pool", the expression on this guys face and his reply of "Are you kidding me?" said it all. He jumped from his chair and started blowing on his whistle in a fury, pointing at the water signaling all the other life gaurds to evacuate the pool. A frenzy of parents, trying to avoid the mess while exiting ensued, as did a bunch of shrills from unhappy children.

So after that we made our way to the other pool with the high diving boards. Hubby and best friends Hubby were happily jumping. When Best friends hubby all of a sudden looked not so happy. Again another life gaurd confrontation...'Hey man, do you have any goggles"
The life gaurd looked a bit puzzled, "We might, why?" Chris then smiled and missing was his front tooth. He had a retainer with a temporary tooth on it until he could get a permanent from the dentist. They just suffered some hard times recently and he just hasn't had a chance to get this done.
The life gaurd said he was welcome to go dive for it, but it was 18.5 feet at the bottom.
So for the next half hour we sat there entertaining our 3 children, while Chris and Michael went on a tooth diving expedition. They finally found it.

So as soon as I went home, I felt all scummy and had to take a shower, who knows how much poo I got in my hair. I called my best friend and said to her "did you like totally have to go take a shower when you got home?" She said she was too tired... "ANG! you were swimming with poop and didn't shower you dirty ho!" ... She replied, "OMG you just made me feel totally dirty...I forgot that happened and I was so tired.. gross!"

On a Lighter Note... It was also my Birthday this past weekend. I turned 31. Yay for me! Time to start counting backwards.


Woozie said...

Not everybody would say that image is bad...

Hypersonic said...

I misse dyour bierthday this year so a belated and very warm happy birthday to you. Check out the blog as to why I've missed so much good stuff.