Monday, January 19, 2009

Can you spare a little "Change"

So it was only a little over a week ago that I lost my job.
It made me sick to my stomach facing a possible nightmare. What would I do if I couldn't find work? How would I provide for my family? What if my kids get sick? How long would our savings last us?
I thought that this would never happen to me, my job is secure. Then the owner of the company just walks in and says .."Ha fooled you!"

I'm just a little person though. Low man on the pole. It sickened me watching the news and seeing the reporter camped out in front of the owners mansion trying to get a statement. A statement that the low man on the pole deserved but wouldn't get. I guess some people think it's okay to break the backs of the people who helped you get where you are today.

We are about to witness a defining moment in history. Barack Obama, the President elect, is going to be the next President, the first Black president of the United States. There is no doubt it's exciting. Change is on the horizon....right?

I don't know...the first defining moment of Barack Obama's presidency is the inaugeration. So many outlets are focusing on what his speech is going to be about, but I can't get my mind past the bill.

No not Bill Clinton, the actual inaugeration bill. There are reports that this inaugeration is costing an estimated $170 MILLION.

Our country is on the verge of collapse. Banks are failing, car makers are failing, small business owners are failing, mortgage companies are failing, the average American is failing.

People are losing their life savings,their cars, thier family pets, their businesses and their homes. How can Barack Obama justify $170 million dollars on a few parties?
How does this get overlooked?

I get's an historical moment. yada yada yada... I'm not saying don't celebrate, it's the President's right to be sworn in and celebrate it. It's great to unify the parties with celebration, but how do you explain that to the homeless person, or the family that just lost their home, or the family that just lost their home and medical benefits that has a sick child, explain it to the person that had to lay off their entire staff and close their business, explain it to the school that just shut off school sports programs b/c they can't afford it, explain it to millions of California residents that won't get their tax refunds b/c there is no money.

Change was the promise.
You would think that during these times and the times we face ahead, Barack Obama could spare a little "change".


e.Craig Crawford said...

I think you miss the point. Obama will be turning off the lights and lowering the thermostat in the White House before he steps out for the parties.

I even heard they will be redecorating on a budget. But wouldn't we love to have that budget! ;-)

Woozie said...

Apparently most of the money is from various donations but the government is still spending ten or fifteen million more than they ever have for any other inauguration. ABC news told me a bunch of it goes into porta-crapper rentals, which I find pretty amusing.

ellie said...

6000 portas to be excact.
Divide 2 million by 6000...that's 333 people per porta.....ick.

You better bring your hand sanatizer woozie.

Woozie said...

They were actually not that bad, but then again I only went once and it was kind of early.

VE said...

Oh come on's all relative. Had a Starbucks lately? You know how much money the average American wastes and how far that would go in a country like Dafar? All relative...

But that's not to say we shouldn't be frugal though. Reminds me of the days when a factory worker making Nike shoes in China was compared to Michael Jordon and his salary. Ridiculous to make that comparison; they are in entirely different worlds. And it's easy to bring up staggering numbers these days for anything because the population in and of itself is staggeringly large.

ellie said...

NOPE.. no starbucks. I make my own coffee. I used to go to SBUX everyday, when I averaged what I spent on coffee... i was appalled at myself.

so ... frugal me...!

Just Dave said...

You hear so many rumors and comments that it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. There was a great deal of money spent but most of it was indeed from private donations. Most of the federal money was spent on crowd control and I would not be surprised to learn that the figure was higher than previous inaugerations because the threat level was higher.

I am already feeling better since the order to close Guantanamo was signed. Let's being those who should be tried to trial and let the others go.

Hypersonic said...

Same old, same old...yadda yaddaaa yadaa. Vive La revolucion!

Jay said...

Hey Ellie,
I feel for you. I lost my job back in November. That job had replaced a job which I lost just last May after 7 years working for them. Nailed twice in one year.

Its getting as bad here in Canada.

Ellie said...

it's everywhere...not just an American problem.

Sad that this is what unifies countries.