Friday, January 16, 2009

What are you playing with?

Dog runs out of the house...balls start to freeze, so he runs right back in after his quickie pee.

I go upstairs to take an online survey...shit I can win $500 bucks, why not right?

boom! Boom! BOOM! What the hell is that noise? (Ignore it El, the dog will get bored.)

knock! Boom! shuffle shuffle...knock boom!

Damn it dog...***So I go downstairs...all the lights are out so it's really dark. I'm trying to save the moolah by turning the lights out... so squinting I see Coop is playing with something on the couch.

"Dude..get off my couch...what the hell is that?" (It was shoved in the cushions)...'Damn dog your breath is kickin' ..get away from me!
What is in the cushion..wooo that's cold, but squishy, like melting ice, or...(Stupid me I sniff it)....AAAAAHHH WHAT THE F*** DOG!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Cooper decided to pick up a frozen shit brick outside and make it his or bedtime snack!

No matter how much I wash, my hands can't get clean enough...and DAMN>>>>MY COUCH!!!!!!!

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