Friday, January 30, 2009

When did I get so old

31. That's it... not a big number.
But yet, I feel like my body aches all the time, I am tired all the time, I just want to cuddle up, snuggle and rest.

I remember the days when 10 o'clock came around, my tummy would get all twisted in knots b/c I was about to go out and rock it all night with my bff. Who knows who we would run into, fight with, dance with, flirt with or hook up with. It was all so exciting.

I also remember the 2am knocks on the window of a certain someone...

Now I shuffle the kids around, turn out the lights, lock the doors and go to sleep. I think the most action I get is watching Nip/Tuck on television. (Damn C. Troy is sexy)

Sometimes I have these crazy dreams. I am my age but in my 23 year old body. I think that I try to keep this site R rated, anything beyond that I keep to myself and savor through out the day. (or roll over and give my husband a little sumin sumin)

1 comment:

Woozie said...

1. Call up BFF
2. Drive to Atlantic City
3. ???
4. Profit!