Friday, January 30, 2009

Never thought of it that way

Bloomberg To Announce Bare-Bones, Doomsday Budget

After reading the above article, something dawned on me....all this time I kept saying to myself "what do I pay taxes for?", (Especially when unemployment denied my claim).

I never thought that with the millions of jobs lost, that is billions of tax revenue lost. With unemployment at a record high, I can't imagine what that does to government spending and the security of government jobs.

It's all a trickle down effect. The local store can't keep up shop, you see him go out of business. What you don't see is the management company going under b/c they can't rent his space, or the bank taking the hit b/c he couldn't make the mortgage.
You see the local bakery go under, not the hurting farmer that can't sell his product to the baker anymore. so on and so on.

My dad once said to me that he had just bought tons of ground beef. I asked why so much ground beef, isn't that bad for you? "yeah Elnora, but it's cheap and I can't make so many things out of it, cheap gets me through these days".

Now when I go to the store, it's nothing but shopping for deals, penny pinching, buying nothing but the store brand. I realize this is how it was when I was younger, this is how it is now. But now there is more to understand, and it makes me humble.


paz y amor said...

It's crazy how linked everything is all over the country- and the world for that matter. I think that's why I do my best to support small businesses and independent shops. They need the customers more than ever!

e.Craig Crawford said...

I live on a fixed income, and realize that even a penny saved is a penny that stays in MY pocket. And those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that we save add up fast.

I'm fortunate that we have Aldi stores here .. they have the lowest prices on groceries. And with the Meijer and Kroger weekly specials I can make the money stretch.

You may not have a job at the moment, but you have your family. You're very fortunate. And i know you know that.

ellie said...

I was fortunate enough to get a job ecraig.

But I know what you mean. I decided that I am going to penny pinch through these times. And hopefully we will make it through.

I have also been working on some ways to give back to the community. Volonteering and promoting the local businesses in the arean w/ people purchasing homes. I am trying to exuberate hope.