Friday, February 13, 2009

Allegheny Power You Suck!

So not only did my taxes go up, my insurance went up, health care insurance went up, mortgage went up, now my electric went up.
And my income went down. So the story is for alot of us.

What is worse out of these...the electric. How bad could it be? Right?....try 49%.

So I opened the bill last night and was sucker punched in the face to see $491.64 staring at me.

Maryland removed the electricity caps so now electric companies can charge you what ever they want.

That is a fucking car payment! How the fuck am I going to be able to afford this they not want me to eat? Do they want me not to be clothed? What the fuck is happening in the United States right now? I just don't get it. How can you increase someone's electricity 49%?

I will tell you how... some big rich fat ass bastard is sitting in his leather chair smoking his $200 cigar and sipping on his imported brandy laughing his ass off b/c he knows everyone needs heat, he knows there is no regulation on why not charge all the bitches in this country out the wazoo for a basic element needed to substain life.

Short answer to the question...because he can.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Let not your heart be troubled. Obama will save us.

Good God! I can't imagine that high of an electric bill. That's a budget wrecker!

ellie said...


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