Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You know being from Maryland I used to think of California a lot , much during the winter months.
It's awful to think of California now. I have family that lives out there, about to lose their homes due to a sinking economy. My 'rich' Aunt's and Uncle's aren't so rich anymore.
Some people smirk at those that had money and seeing them lose it, but I am heavy hearted. My Aunt Cherie, though living very fortunate circumstances for a long time, is struggling. Cherie is one of the sweetest women you would know. And Aunt Maryann, she has always been beautiful. Passerby's might not care, but not knowing where they came from makes the difference. They didn't live happy early years and to over come their dire circumstance to rise and become fortunate, only to have it taken away is really scary.
Now at least they have loving and meaningful relationships to help.

I watch the news and see that the governor is about to lay of 10,000 workers today. That California is going into a deep pit, and it can't seem to get out.

How can one state go under this badly? Aren't we all apart of a more perfect union? I can't see California recovering if no one steps in to help.

Am I naive here?... if so please educate me.


e.Craig Crawford said...

California ... where sales tax and personal income tax are increasing, and vehicle registration costs, which were already outrageous, are doubling.

I wonder if California is the model for where Pres. Obama and his gang of liberals are taking us.

Just Dave said...

Well, they have had the Governator out there for the past few years and he is definitely no liberal. However, all of the states are having trouble paying their bills right now. California is in the news more because, well, it's California. It will get better but not for a while yet.