Friday, September 01, 2006

Meet David Ralph Leistman

Meet David Ralph Leistmanm age 43. He has a warm and welcoming smile doesn't he. He seems to me that if I were to meet him in person, he would be a nice guy. He was a bond trader that lived in Garden City. David died on September 11th, 2001. I don't know much about him, but I know his name from the 2996 Tribute Blog( ). I learned that he was also a highschool lacrosse coach and a girl named Sarah really misses him cheering her on the side line. She says in a comment, that sometimes, she knows he is still there, cheering her on.
David's son, Brian wrote to him on a memorial site:
Message: I love you dad you believed in me so much and if you were still here today you would be proud of what I have been able to do with my life.You cared about me so much and always wanted to do everything you could to help with sports as well as everyday life. Every time I step on the football field I think of you and how you would be of me. I will never forget you dad.
I can't help but cry when I think of David and the thousands of others that were senselessly murdered on September 11th.
I remember everything about that day. My mother in law came into my room screaming. I sat and watched in disbelief that a plane could have hit the trade center, when all of a sudden my disbelief turned to horror when another plane approached and then crashed. I feared for my family members in New York. Then PA and the Pentagon. I remember sitting outside watching planes being escorted into Washington by fighter Jets. I remember Air Force 1 flying the president to saftey. The entire day brings back the bottomless pitt of emotions many of us have tried to push down. As September 11th approaches, I ask you not to push them down, but instead remember and feel. If you have to cry, cry. Remember the victims of 911 and pray for their families left behind, Remember our troops that went to war for our honor and freedom, Remember my brother and his fellow troops who fought in Iraq and those that never made it home. Remember how short our lives can be, and how important our freedom is to this country. Remember how we as a nation were judged by others before we ever judge someone else again. We are One Nation Under God, and Under God United We Stand.
Peace to all,


web_loafer said...

Nice tribute and a whole lot of people feel like you do. Wanting to cry this one out, but that won't help. Spotlighting those innocents who were murdered and sharing little of their life with the world, that helps a little.
We all want the families that were torn apart to know we care, so that is why the 2996 tributes are so important.

RWA said...

Very well done, Ellie. That's a strong tribute.

May we always remember David Ralph Leistman and the others who died on that tragic day.