Friday, September 29, 2006

A bad case of writer's block

For a couple days now I have been overwhelmed by on goings in my life. If I posted they would have been long rants about people that should remain nameless. Consumed by work, I have not been able to think of anything else. So I decided to post about what has been sooo consuming.
Plain and simple, my client is stupid. Maybe more than stupid. I do home loans and sometimes you go through a rough patch in the market. The people buying houses right now should kiss the earth and thank the lord they have a place to live, let alone own.
This guy has had to be the dumbest person I have ever tried to get own a home. He wanted the home badly, but no matter how hard I tried to get him to turn in his paperwork, it seemed to be to hard. He would return my calls every other day and there seemed to be one surprise after another. Then the jaw dropper, I was getting him into a government loan and found out that he hadn't filed taxes in YEARS!!! He had 1 day to get it done. I was surprised that it penetrated his brain that the deadline was Tuesday. He did say that after he realized I was going to kill him he learned a big lesson. I had to ask...."what was that?"
"Don't screw with the IRS or you could land in jail" ..Wow..being the manager of a bank I thought he would have known that!


Nicole said... hang in there!

At least it's the weekend and you try and spend it relaxing and having fun with you sweet boy!

I have to go to a 40th birthday bash and there are going to be sailors there...wish you were coming with me!!!'ll be with me in spirit!!! LOL

RWA said...

Work is wearing me out too right now, Ellie.

That is a pretty funny "lesson" to be learned by a banker, though.

Alistair! said...

Taxes!? What are they?