Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Technology in the home!!!

Even though I blog...and I have been a bit addicted to blogging lately, I do not pretend to be computer savy. Today, Hubby and I, after much debate, bought our first computer! It was like buying a car. It's like, do you get the full size luxury SUV, the modest 4 door sedan, or the compact economy car?
So the hunt was on for the perfect set up. We went to every store that sold computers and price shopped. Along the way we finally started to understand some of the computer garb...but today...I had to get the snotty kid that knows everything about computers and looks at me like I am a dumbass when he is talking...using big words like...Giga Hertz, Giga bytes, SDRam, Airport Extreme, XP...Kbps & Mbps...I had to stop the little guy mid-stream and tell him to enspeakensiEnglish.
Needless to say ...we got her done, by buying a beautiful Toshiba Satallite notebook withthe full media everything package and microsoft office junk..
I almost forgot to ask about the webcam...when I should of seen the look on his face... I blurted I'm not getting naked. Gosh is that all people use those things for!!!


Nicole said...

oh goody!!! Does this mean now we can chat in the off hours too?

Last Thursday we bought another computer. This computer will be 6 years old in January and it has never broken down once. Nothing on it. It is a Dell.

Since we had such good luck, we bought another Dell. It is supposed to be here on the 18th. I am so excited.
We also bought a "router" what ever the F*ck that is, so that both computers can be online at the same time. My kids also have old junky handme down ones from my Dad, they can only support windows 98, but they can at least do somethings with them. { I don't allow those computers online though, as they are in their rooms}

Nicole said...

Ps. sometime, tell me the story of your son, why he's has 2 surgeries and all. That would make a good post too

Ellie said...

we bought a router too..turns out though when I contacted Verizon for DSL, they only have one router compatable for their we have to return the one we bought. It was so perdy too.

You should see the printer we bought...that was the luxury.. It has everything, and it prints so perdy!

I will luv to chat afterhours...
I bought the web cam b/c my best friend moved to Germany with her daughter, same age as my we can chat w/o the high phone bill!

Ellie said...

I don't recall telling you about that Nic. That is a touch subject with me.... It was a simple surgery that had to be done in two parts, but the surgeon, one of the best in our area, was an ass. He treated me like a peice of trash. He had the worst bedside manner. The second time I was prepared and let him have it good.
My Ty is a stong little fella. It is nice to see him grow so strong and his belly scars are almost gone. In our family vacation photos you can hardly tell....great...I am tearing up just talking about it.

Nicole said...

Ahhh El, I don't want to upset you. One time you mentioned to me that he has been thru 2 surgeries, and I've always wondered. { It was on the thread about spanking}

At least he is lucky enough to have such a good Momma that loves him so much!!!!

RWA said...

Hmmm...chatting with a friend overseas to save phone bill costs.

I guess there really is another use for webcams besides getting naked.

Note: I do not own a webcam.

Alistair! said...

Hey! I get nekkid all the time infront of my webcam. I don't switch it on, I just get nekkid in front of it.

Cat said...

I have built the last 4 systems in our home. I'm a geek but I still have things that I realize are over my head when it comes to technology. You really cannot ever "know it all" and I feel if you claim to, you are lying to yourself.

I think it's great you went for Toshiba...I recently recommended them to a client that got a notebook by them. They have excellent customer service (unlike Dell who sold theirs to India and other outsourced offices and can no longer stand up to the claims of onsite help) and seem extremely good with both knowledgeable clients and those that are not sure about things.

Good choice! I know about Dell due to my job. I am always called out to fix them because the client paid for an extended warranty and Dell refuses to send anyone out. They paid for the extended warranty and then have to turn around and pay for my time. I used to really like Dell (two years ago) but have switched to Toshiba and a few others.

I'll stop rambling with geek speak now but I'm enjoying your blog. Came by way of Maldita, Bratinella's blog.

Ellie said...

Thank you Cat...sometimes I rather enjoy geek speak!!! I am glad that I went with the Toshiba. I have a geek brother who also advised me that Dell was very poor in customer service. I also had a friend that bought a Dell and when she crashed...she crashed with no help from Dell. She had to buy an entire new system. I wasn't trying to do that!