Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some call me cheap...I say Frugal

All the time I was growing up ...I wanted to be just like the other kids and wear the name brand clothing. But my parents were penny pinchers. I had to shop all the sales, go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx to get last years name brands at discount prices. I used to think that my parents were so cheap. But my sister and I new how to get around it. We got to pick who we went shopping with, we knew dad would generally fork over a little more cash than mom. And what we couldn't afford in the days before security detectors, we applied the five finger discount. I used to be a pro at it. When we would come home our parents would be like "how did you get all that stuff?" ..Mom, Dad, you missed the biggest sales of the year!! And they would buy it. That all ended though, for me. I used to take dance classes. Before class my girlfriends and I would go to the local mart and load up on sugar. I had just gotten a new puppy and thought I would get him a treat, but had not enough money for my treat and his. So ..five finger discount..was a sure bet!!
In front of all my friends, I got caught shoplifting dog food! DOG FOOD! That was the last time I ever stole anything. Not to mention my last year as the cool kid in dance class.
Now that I am older, and wiser, I bargain shop. My in laws all think that I am cheap. They sop at Saks, Macy's and Lord & Taylor.. Hubby knows better though. He approves of my being frugal. Because I will wear discounted name brand fashions from last fall doesn't mean I am cheap, just financially conscience. I hit the outlet stores and stock up on a new wardrobe for my son. All my friends think that he is just the best dressed kid ever. But I know one day...the words cheap...will cross his mind. But I will be well prepared. He won't be getting that five finger discount by me...but I bet he will shop with his Dad more often.

Now that I look back, I wonder if my five finger discount has something to do with the awful prices today?


Nicole said...

Maybe it's a good thing here in Canada we don't have Saks and Macys!!

My son likes Old Navy stuff...but there is ALWAYS good deals there, unbelievably good deals { Khakis, tshirts and cotton shirts over is his style.
We also to teach both of them the value of stuff, make them buy certain items themselves.
He had to have these skater shoes that were $100.00, so we made him pay for them. Esp. because the last 100$ skater shoes we paid for, he is too lazy to bend and tie, he just crushes down the back of the shoe to slip his foot in.
It drives my hubby CRAZY!!!

The Girl, her favourite store is called Stitches and they are so reasonable. Her jeans cost only $20.00, and they are always having a buy a shirt, get one 1\2 price kind of deal.
Usually I can walk in there and get about 5 itmes for $60-70.00.

The only thing "designer" I have and care about is handbags { sigh, my addiction!!}

Ellie said...

Well is a tip for you when the boy wants more than Old Navy.... Old Navy is owned by the Gap...same cloths, different prices.

RWA said...

Smart move waiting until the statute of limitations had passed before confessing to all of these "five-finger discounts"!

Just kidding.

That's a great story...and, personally, I've always believed that you can dress well without spending a fortune.

Brat said...

When I was a kid, I never had the chance to wear any disigner clothes ever, but i never mind it. I was even happy to be clothed the way I wanted to coz I can buy as many as I want (since it were all cheap). Today, I wear designer clothes just for speacial occassions, for me price doesnt matter at all as long as it looks good on me.