Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conspiracy theory

With all the children's toy recalls, I have found myself looking at the labels b4 I buy a toy. If it says made in China I am more likely to put it down. The question that many Americans are asking right now, is the China & abundance of lead paint in our toys, issue, a plot to harm American children. My first instinct is to say no b/c why would China want to lose that much export revenue. I am more inclined to think it is just poor standards. I have heard that other countries do not have specific guidelines for toys like choking hazards & lead paint, like America does..and if they do, they are not as strict. Now is that Americans being overly cautious, or is it in fact a necessity. When I think about the toys I buy my son, at first the lead paint issue didn't bother me so, b/c my son doesn't eat his toys any longer. But how many times have you seen a baby sucking on their older siblings toy car? So I went through my sons toys and pulled out the cars movie recalls, the Thomas Train recalls, and the Elmo toy recalls.
We can look on the bright side, now is the time to start advertising the American Made companies. I just got an email this morning from Little Tykes, and I think that they are the first to start a national "American Made" campaign resulting from the China recalls. And I bet they are making a nice buck or too off it.

Here is the big Ole' email banner I got from Little Tykes this morning.

Now thats advertising!


Woozie said...

I don't know why more manufacturers aren't picking up on this opportunity to make loads of money off of made-in-USA labels.

VE said...

Just think how much all these recalled toys will be worth to collectors in 20 years! They love stuff like this. Of course you can never have taken it out of the box.

e.Craig said...

This should be a boost for "American Made." But .. the companies have to advertise it like "Little Tykes" does.