Sunday, October 14, 2007

Conversation with hubby Part 4 (I'm not making this up)

Okay, so I am taking a real chance might hate me for life, but I just have to tell.
So hubby and I were in the drive thru of Starbucks and he starts stroking my face. I turn and see he is stroking my face with money. I was like... dude, do you know how dirty money is? and the conversation goes:

"Oh whatever"
"Yeah but think of how many people's hands have touched it over the thrity years it's been around."
"It's not like people rub their balls on it"
I started laughing and said "I dare you"
"Dare me what"
"Rub your balls with it and give it to the cashier"
Hubby then rubs the money in his crotch area and I stopped him and said "NO...I mean really rub it, you know on the bare balls"
Hubby unzips and sticks the bills down his pants...and got way too into it. Then the cars started moving.
The cashier sticks his head out the window "$3.92...hubby hands him the money....Thanks have a great day" the guys says.
I am in the car about to piss my pants I am laughing so hard.
Mike smiles to the guy.. "Hey man, you have a great day too!"
And we drive off.

I wonder if the car behind us got our change with his coffee and muffin?

Sorry guys...I had to share, it was just one of those things that brought you back to your highschool days.


Effortlessly Average said...

Oh maaaan, now I'm never going to go to Starbucks withough latex gloves! Although that's just funny as hell.

Donald said...

Or any place that I expect change. Back to the debit card all the time. (And still with gloves on...)

Ellie said...

I know I know...sick. At the time though..seemed hilarius!

e.Craig said...

At least your husband had the balls to do it! Pun intended. ;-)

Hypersonic said...

aaaarrggghhhhh...remind me not to accept money from you or your hubs.

Nicole said...

While in Vegas, I thought your American money seemed a little "dirty"....hmmmmmm.

Posted a couple pics from Vegas, of the GIRL and the beautiful lights of Paris Paris.

Ellie said...

awww come on now... I am sure we have all gotten a bill that's been in a strippers g string before!!!


Ellie said...

great pun ecraig!

RWA said...

I'm not sure which is more humorous - you suggesting it, or your husband actually doing it!!!

Jahooni said...

ROTFL! I was almost going to go there this morning... Starbucks that is!

I love jokes like this... life is too short to be so serious all the time!

VE said...

That's pretty funny...until you stop to consider if somebody else had done the same thing with that same bill before he got it...

Ellie said...


o said...

not the slightest bit funny, especially from a mother