Saturday, October 06, 2007

'Promises are meant to be broken"

That is what my sister used to say to me when she broke her promises to me when I was younger. I often wondered, her being so young, where she came up with the phrase. Growing up, both of us were no strangers to broken promises. A lesson we had to unfortunately learn very early in life.

My mother in law didn't keep a promise to Michael and I and I was very hurt by it. See, Michael and I haven't been on a date in over a year, just the two of us. My MIL promised to watch our kids last night. Seemed she found something else to do and cancelled on us. We don't ask her to watch our kids, b/c others in the family have 'over used' her so to say. But this time she offered. I was so excited to be going out on a date with hubby, then crushed when she casually told me she wouldn't be. She left my house and I just sat down and cried.

I should be used to broken promises by now, but I am not. I take everything to heart.

I started thinking about my worst broken promise. I honestly can't think of a time where I broke a promise so important as to effect someone I loved. Except once where my husband and I ratted someone in the family out for using drugs. This person was into extacy but moved onto cocaine and started doing it around the children. We really had no choice. I wish I could say it did some good.

Have you ever broken a promise to anyone that you can remember and are sorry for it or been on the other end of a broken promise.


Just Dave said...

I would hate to see a record of promises I have broken but I think that I have never broken one that really hurt anyone. Just little ones - I promise I will mow the lawn, wash the dishes, etc. My first wife broke a pretty big promise, the one about being faithful. When I returned from military training, someone else was sleeping in my bed. However, now I have been married for 36 years and my first wife is dead so I guess karma works.

Just Dave said...

And, no, I didn't kill her.

Jahooni said...

I have broken a promise to my sister... she lives in Bahrain and just had her first baby at age 40. I promised I would come this year to visit (never have been since she moved there) but I really can't afford it, so I had to tell her I can't. She is very hurt.

I think i disappoint my hubby lots {cough cough.. clear throat}! Ha!

Ellie said...

Hahahahah Dave... At first I was like whoa!

That karma sure is a bitch!

Jahooni, my hubby is right there with you. I can see how your sis might be bummed, but she has a baby now and I am sure she can understand the financial crunch.

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