Thursday, February 08, 2007

Are we ready United States? Finally?

So you have a choice, and yes there are choices other than Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, BUT, they are the talk of the town. The question is if the United States is ready for a Black President or a Female President? I have no real issues with Barack Obama, other than he is a Democrat. BUT Hillary....hmmmm I have a small list.... One of my biggest concerns with a Female President is will she be able to make the best military decisions, especially if she has no military experience?
Personally, I don't care if the president is a purple & yellow hermaphrodite, I just wanna know they can do the job!


Rhianna said...

Hillary scares the crap out of me. Her agenda sounds nice until you read it. What her husband did to the military is a disgrace! There have been more forced out under "don't ask, don't tell" than before that idotic piece of clap-trap came into being. There's no point in repeating the same mistakes twice unless they were fun and Clinton wasn't fun - I say this as a two time Clinton voter!

Obama is flavor of the freakin' week with me. He's NEVER been tested in politics at a national level, or as a governor. Until he's got some notches on his belt, he's a little boy playing a big boy's game. He's got lots to prove - and very little time to do it.

That said, I'm hopin' Rudy gets the nod and creams who ever the dimicrits put into the slot. I'd prefer Rudy on a 3rd party ticket just to thump the rethuglicans a good one too, but I'll take what I can get.

Ellie said...

I don't think Rudy has put in a bid yet Rhianna. He has some major indiscretions under his belt. I know that he did a phenominal job during 911, but with out any military experience, will he be good for Iraq?
He also discriminates against the arts. Hubby being an artist, that is a big point with us.

I think Rudy is a great guy, but I will have to listen closely to everything he says.

Nikky said...

hmm, I don't know who I'm in favor of yet, but I know it's not gonna be Hilary.... not sure about Obama either.
No matter what, this country needs a change desperately.

Ellie said...

a change yes, but does it nessecarily have to be from Republican to Democratic?

Hypersonic said...

she'll probably make the best military decision. Get the heck out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

Either one would get my vote, if I were a North American and could vote.

Ellie said...

Come on over Hype!

counter-coulter said...

The question is if the United States is ready for a Black President or a Female President?

You kind of answer your own question on the next sentence:

BUT Hillary....hmmmm I have a small list.... One of my biggest concerns with a Female President is will she be able to make the best military decisions, especially if she has no military experience?

Since when has military service been a prerequisite for the presidency? Neo-cons wet themselves at the thought of Reagan and he didn't serve. And as for "best military decisions" it certainly hasn't been a show-stopper for Bush.

Rhianna said...

Leaving Afghanistan would be worse than Vietnam - unless we want to see millions dead at the hands of their government, military spit on and degredation in the streets.

Iraq is one stop in a long one. Are Americans so damn spoilt that 3000 dead troops in damn near 5 years, with a full scale invasion is "too much"? We lost more in 1 10 minute landing on Omaha Beach. Nothing great comes easy - and you don't get rid of 30+ years of Saddam and his cronnies by killing his mass-raping and murdering sons and himself. You have to get the sick fucks that kept him in power.

I really do wonder if Americans have any stomach left. They seem so damn spoilt, so damn "NOW". We really are no longer world leaders - we're world class whiners!

RWA said...

Getting out and leaving the people in Afghanistan and Iraq on their own is not the best option.

And she has changed her line on the whole Iraq issue so many times it's pitiful.

I fear we are headed for another one of those where it's not about voting for someone who can help the country, but instead voting for the person likely to screw it up the least.

Ellie said...

I am going to answer cc really quick b/c I gotta get off the in the situation that we are in right now I think that a prerequisite need to be military background. I recall the last Clinton in office didn't do so well with the Military and that is a big concern. The next person going in has a big job to do over in Iraq

counter-coulter said...

Ellie said...
cc in the situation that we are in right now I think that a prerequisite need to be military background.

Reagan didn't serve and he lead us through the Cold War. FDR found our way through WWII just fine and he didn't serve either. I don't see where we're going through anything worse than WWII. I noticed too how you didn't address the fact that W has placed us in the situation we face now.

I recall the last Clinton in office didn't do so well with the Military and that is a big concern.

What exactly didn't Clinton do so well with the military? He handled Bosnia just fine and I didn't see the Republicans in congress overriding anything that he did. If you want to lay blame about slashing the military and not providing them with things that they need, maybe you should take a hard look at what Rumsfeld did with the military.

Kelly said...

It's my first visit to your blog and wouldn't ya know it, I violate my traditional lurker principles to enter commentary on such a controvrsial subject.

I'm curious why miliary rapport is should be a requirement. As I see history, military experince does not, by default, make you a good leader or commander. Bush has military experience such as it is, but I don't see that that's worked to make Iraq any less of the quagmire it has become.

But aside from that, there is SO MUCH MORE that the leader of arguably the most influencial country on the planet should be able to do. Who cares that the president is a grand military administrator when it's not supposed to be the president who directs the campaign? Isn't that why he/she would have generals? I'm curious to know if people think that a president with a military background would somehow turn the tide in Iraq. It doesn't seem likely.

Frankly there are so many hats a president must wear, why should military experience be the most important? What about the fact that much of the globe (including an increasing number of our allies) view the U.S. unfavorably? Or that, domestically, 40 million americans (and not only the poor or illegals) can't afford medical coverage or higher education? For all their faults, Reagan and Clinton were able to unite a congress controlled largely by the opposing party. I think a masterful military mind is one of the last things we need in our next president. We need someone able to actually heal a nation, both internally and in the eyes of the world, and move us beyond this war. Besides, this war has already lost the support of the people and history has shown repeatedly that without it, victory is exceedingly difficult, especially when even the definition of "success" is so elusive.

Hypersonic said...

rhianna: About Afghanistan...what's your point? Since when has it been part of the USA? Shouldn't the people kindo sort their own problems out for themselves..?I mean, it is their country.

As for Iraq: well that debate has been going on here heatedly for sometime. I shall re-iterate...what the fug does it have to do with Bush?! Unless of course he's got some Iraqi blood in the old family tree there.

Aeneas the Younger said...


I guess Bush's stint in the National Guard to avoid combat in Vietnam while snorting coke and driving drunk has prepared him for the big military decisions ...

Makes sense to me - giving where his decisions have led.

Do you people even comprehend what you write?

Aeneas the Younger said...


Very nice. Calling Senator Obama "boy."

The South lives on it seems.

Ellie said...

ATY I do not think that Rhianna meant 'boy'm in that way. If she did I definatly would have said something, as I do not tolerate rascism on my blog.
As far as the Bush/Iraq debate, nothing there for me anymore. My point is, damage is done, decisions were made, president screwed up, who is gonna fix it. I may alienate some of my female readers by saying this, but if a woman gets into the presidancy I want her to be able to have the balls to make the military decisions that many women wouldn't be able to do. Women tend to be more sensative.
My point was, the next president needs to be able to pull us out of Iraq without endagering more Iraqui lives and as much as I hate to say it, protect the 'interests' of the United States. If you go on the drudge report, there is an article there where Iran threatens to hurt the US where it counts. Monitarily. I am already living paycheck to paycheck. My husband drives 100 miles a day for work. If gas goes to $5 a gallon or more, I don't know how we would survive. And that is the truth for most Americans. I think it is niave to think that it wouldn't hurt other countries as well. There is a huge economic stake in the next president needs to protect that.
I hate the fact that our troops have died. I hate the fact that innocent people in Iraq have died. I don't want to see anymore bloodshed.
As I recall, Bill Clinton made effective millitant decisions, but neglected the military themselves. I think that is why Gore lost the majority of the military vote.
As I said before, I will watch this election very closely. If Hillary proves herself..I have no problem voting for her. If Obama has the best plan, then I will vote for him. As it stands now, Hillary hasn't addressed pulling from Iraq her her website. She just makes promises of 'taking better care' of her military. I have no issues with that, but I would like to hear more about what she will do to help the situation over there. As far as balls go, Hillary is the exception to the rule. I don't really see her as a woman...I see her as a politician. Now...Conda..(sp) I see her as a woman. I will ahve to look more into her as well. But for right now she hasn't placed a bid.

In a perfect world none of this would have happened. But it did...

Ellie said...

Thank you all for your comments...Kelly thanks for coming by and commenting. ATY I see I have to get political with you. I will keep that in mind b/c I really like conversating (debating) with you.

Ben said...

Hey, what's wrong with democrats? And why can't a female president make military decisions?

She's got 8 years of white house experience before she was even in the senate.

What I don't like about her is she is too polarizing. After a polar retar...err Bush, we need someone who unites. That's Obama.

My problem with Obama is his lack of foreign policy experience. We need someone who can undo 8 years of horrific damage in that department. We need a clinton for that. I sure wish they'd go as running mates, instead of vying for the same gig.

Ellie said...

Ben I never said that there was anything wrong with Democrats. I am undecided at this point. I have always voted Republican. If a Democrat gets in...It will kill my business. Statistically, mortgage rates have always been the highest with a Democrat in the Presidency. I am more concerned with our foreign affairs though. That is why my vote is undecided.
I didn't say a female couldn't make military decisions..I just think that women are a little more emotional when it comes to that stuff. Face have been playing with GI Joes since they were 2! Something that they are born with I guess. And being a woman that is somewhat hard for me to admit. And yes, it is completely sexist, but it is only my opinion. There is something about Hillary that I just don't trust. But I haven't ruled her out. Obama lacks experience and that has been the running concerns that I have come across. I don't know the world about him. But again, I will be paying very close attention.

Thanks Ben for stopping by and commenting!!!

Ben said...

Again, I fail to see how adding emotion to the equation is necessarily a bad thing.

I know the old joke about a woman having her period and hitting the red button. To this I say, clearly, Hilary is in menopause.

Beyond that, I think a decision-maker with more emotional consideration would have removed us from this war a long time ago. Or attacked the right country to begin with, at least.

I don't know much about Morgage rates, but I know the economy was never better than under Clinton. Debt was never greater under Bush.

Of course, I'd be willing to quadruple that debt if it could buy back the lives of 3000 soldiers, and the arms and legs of scores more.

Ellie said...

dearest you know how many pills menopausal women have to take???

I wish you were here for that last debate I had. You would have loved it!

Ellie said...

here Ben..cut and paste

Ellie said...

and here is an article referring to why the Clintons should not get credit for reducing the deficit...

Ben said...

I never said they reduced the deficit. I said Bush has since ballooned it.

I said we've never enjoyed a better economy than under the clinton administration. Unemployment was never lower, and wealth was never greater.

The latter can now only be said for Exxon, who posted back to back record breaking (shattering) profits. Sorta like when MaGuire and Sosa trashed the home run record.

Woozie said...

Hillary seems like a feminazi and Barack would be shot by some nutty KKK-wannabe.

Ellie said...

You know what Woozie...I think you are right. Hubby and I had a conversation once that I would seriously fear for the safety of our first Black President. It is sad too. I personally have no issues with race with Barack. I think he is a bit inexperienced. And 3 years ago on TV he firmly expressed that he had no intentions of running. (flip flop) But then again, maybe he was inspired at a later date to run because he figured that he could create change. If by God he is the best canidate..I wish him all the luck. But yes, I would fear for his safety. I wish it weren't like that. But there are nutjobs out there.