Monday, February 05, 2007

The purpose driven life

This topic just won't go away for I had to post. Even if you aren't religious, you have to think somewhere along the line that there is a purpose for you in's what keeps us going. To be stuck on earth with nothing to do or accomplish would eat away at you. I often used to wonder why God put me here. Nothing in my life ever went right. I was shuffled from one parent to another and back again. I never got what I wanted, I was never trusted, and I always had to work for everything I ever wanted or needed. I used to wonder what the hell my purpose was. Then one day soon before my wedding, it hit me. I wasn't doing what I wanted in work, I hadn't cured cancer or won a Nobel prize, but maybe my purpose was something a little simpler.


Just to finally get it right for once. I come from a long line of broken homes and divorced families. In my family there is a history of alcohol, physical and sexual abuse, suicide. (not my parents, but theirs and theirs before). My parents tried to get it right, but it just didn't work. So I spent most of my weekends being shuffled about and getting an ear full of bickering each time. I have never wanted anything more in this life other than a stable home, someone who loves me and I love them, and stability for my children. It's as simple as that. I need to get it right, so that hopefully the chain will end with me. I rather like that concept. I can recall a conversation with my dad once where he asked me If I knew what I was meant to do in life. I had answered "no you?" and he simply said what I had already known "Your the one who is gonna get it right in life". Simple as that.

If you had a purpose in this life, what do you think it is?


Nikky said...

Purpose in life? Holy crap, Ellie, I just figured out last year what I want to be when I grow up! And I'm darn near 35!!
I guess if I raise good kids to be decent respectable adults, then I will feel like I have accomplished something.

Nicole said...


hmmmm I would have to think it over, but I think some of my purpose in life is to try to make people be accepting of others.
People are so quick to be judgemental and critical in their thinking.
I always try to be kind and nice to everyone I meet and I hope that it rubs off on others...kind of a pay it forward kind of deal.
Plus I smile lots, all the time and I always find that 99% of the time that people will smile back..I think it's contagious!!! lol

maybe my purpose is to make the world a more smiley place!!!
hahahah :)

Ellie said...

I think your nikky...for some people it takes awhile. I would like to see hubby...become somebody in the art world. Art used to be everything to him!

Nic...somebody isn't too happy with you. Maybe that is your purpose...tee hee hee... to drive the 30's something twat , crazy mad with jealousy over what we have and she (maybe even he) doesn't


Nicole said...

well, I am a believer in if you are going to do something, do it right!!! :)

Hey, C.C. will come by and read this....C.C.
maybe part of your purpose was to be the all knowing, all powerful, Great C.C. of the net helping and providing clueless blondies out with computer tricks???!!! ;-)

Ellie said...



Hypersonic said...

Probably to fuck it up so others can get it right.

Nicole said...

I have to say it...hypersonic made me laugh my ass off!!! :)

Today is Jay's Birthday...I made him a thread!!!

Ellie said...

nice...nice..really nice.

I am snowed in today. We only got 3 inches but my office lost heat. I am not sitting my prego ass in a cold office. So Ty and I are home just chillin'. We just finished eating pop cycles..and its only 10 am! He won't want to go back to school

Rhianna said...

Hhhmmm, to do your best to make the world better? That's a copout answer. ;)

My purpose in life is to be me - to prove you don't have to ft some idotic dolt's mould of what a person should be to be happy, or successful.

To raise my children to do the same. They are all individuals, they shouldn't settle for second-best to make someone else happy. If I can manage to raise 3 strong, intelligent, wonderful women I've succeeded in ways I can never imagine.