Friday, February 16, 2007

Harry Potter Naked / So Wrong! Daniel Radcliffe is doing some play where he is on stage for a full 10 minutes naked. I could understand an extent. (It's art..blah blah blah) I understand the need for Daniel to want to grow up in the public eye. But are still a boy. There are a ton of promo pics circulating with him naked laying with a horse, and pics of his nude backside. My biggest issue with this is, he is not yet 18. Which means that people could technically use his photos for kiddie porn. They could have waited till June or July ...whenever the hell his birthday is.
PLUS...he is Harry Potter. The last movie isn't yet kid doesn't need to see him naked!
What is wrong with people?


Ice said...

Thats funny, today is a "P.A" day ( means kids aren't at school ) and my kid watched Harry Potter 4 this morning on the movie network.

Too much Harry Potter, everywhere I look!!


Ice said...

If you click on the "blogs I read" at my place, and click on "MOM THE MINX" she has the nude pic of him up... incase you didn't see it yet and just heard about it.

That "boy" grew up apparently.

Ellie said...

I have seen them..but since I was posting how I thought it was a bit kiddie porn...I decided not to put it up. You know the play is about a boy who has sex with horses or something?


Woozie said...

Yeah I saw all the, for lack of a better word, softcore ones, but I saw the rear end one today and immediately I was like "Wasn't he 11 a couple of years ago?" Then I felt dirty and had to take a shower.

Ice said...

How old is this chap now?

Sex with horses? eww, I saw online a chick..... nevermind... *gag*