Tuesday, February 20, 2007 really the smart one

So after months of being sick, I was feeling rather good on Saturday. So I thought it would be the perfect time to go shopping. I hadn't been in months, needed some maternity wear. So off to the mall the family went. I got a new small wardrobe, my son got some new cloths and we all got some shoes. I was having so much fun. I said to hubby "If there is anything you want now is the time to get it cuz I am in the mood to shop!" ...what do we come home with...

A 50" Dlp Samsung television!

Hubby is slick! he had a way of convincing me that the television was REALLY for me...uh huh!


Paul Joe said...

As long as you keep the remote!

that may not be for long!

Ice said...

haha, funny thing is - I was the one that bought our 56 incher... needless to say hubby was EXTREMELY happy when I told him what I went out and bought while he was working... I couldn't resist... huuuuuge sale.

RWA said...

Well done by hubby!!!

Be careful what you offer next time!!!!