Friday, February 23, 2007

A Child Protective Services No No!!!

So earlier this week I was informed that my daycare provider had a complaint filed against her. A parent that leaves their daughter in daycare from 6:45 am to 5:30 pm everyday noticed a bump on her childs forehead 5 hours after she picked her up from daycare. A 7 month old who has a quarter size mark on her forehead...and you don't notice it until 10:30 at night. In which at that time you rush her to the hospital and have pictures taken and claim that your daycare provider beat her.


I understand and respect the need to investigate every claim. Especially when it comes to a daycare provider in charge of several children. However, the woman didn't stop there. She called child protective services. Nicky has a child of her own. Without even talking to Nicky she went commando and pulled out all the stops to get her lisence taken away and effect the parenting of her own child. What REALLY pisses me off about the entire situation is that Child Protective Services tried to interview my 2 year old without my permission or my presence. WTF??? Nicky let her interview her daughter and the questions asked were not 'how does mommy interact with the other children?' they were 'do you ever see mommy hit the other babies?'!!!! Isn't that the power of suggestion? Then to try to interview MY CHILD with questions about child abuse. He is two..he knows that when the word no is is he would probably say yes to everything in order to please. It was like this woman wanted to skip a step to make her day easier. Then when Nicky said she wasn't allowed to interview the other children w/o parental consent the woman suggested that Nicky not inform the parents.

You wait until I get in touch with that woman's supervisor!


RWA said...

Oh my. This CPS employee has NO idea what she's done now!!!

You go, Ellie!

How on Earth could that woman have thought it was appropriate to interview other people's children without a parent present?

Ellie said...

well I wrote 4 separate letters. I finally got ahold of two people. Apparently in the state of Maryland it is allowed for a social worker to interview children without their parents. If the case is one of physical child abuse. I was really upset but after talking to everyone and them actually listening to me, I feel satisfied. AND Nicky is being cleared. They said the parents were fishy. I think that the mother accidentily did something to the baby when the hubby was at work and blamed it on Nicky so he wouldn't get upset with her.

e.Craig said...

Maryland law aside, interview a 2 year old? I wonder what judge in his right mind would allow that as evidence if it came to criminal charges.

Happy to hear you are satisfied with the outcome.

Ellie said...

she insisted that she would not have interviewed my son. That is what I was satisfied with. Maybe Ms. Nicky misunderstood. I do have an issue with the state being allowed to interview children without the presence of their parents. Especially when my child was the one making the complaint. They said in cases of Physical Child Abuse they are allowed.
I think that it was so sick of this parent to attack Nicky like that. Nicky doesn't even like giving the children time out. The complaint really hurt her.

Sara said...

Ellie call your local government worker and your news... I would. I am one to fight for all parents rights and that includes the daycare parent workers.
Jeez some people have no brains.

Hypersonic said...

Anybody here the call? "Witchhunt!!!"

This "mother" has her eye on the prize in law-suit mad America. She must need to pay her bills.

Nicole said...

How absolutely terrible for your childcare provider.

How selfish of the parent of the baby as well.
Too bad there is no protection for childcare providers against negligent , shifty parents.

Ellie said...

I was taken back about the interviewing issue. I could understand if the complaint was against me. But it wasn't, it was made by someone else that had a beef and there was no indication that my child had ever been abused.

How do you fight about it though?

Annora said...

Thanks for writing this.